Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cigarettes could go up in smoke

Cigarettes could go up in smoke as American technology arrives in Prague

Jun 11, 2013 by 
cigarettesAs the debate continues over the total smoking ban proposed by Health Minister Leos Heger (TOP 09), an American product has debuted in Prague that could render the entire conversation moot. V2 Cigs, the No. 1 online electronic cigarette in America, is at the forefront of a cultural transformation that is nothing short of revolutionary.
Just two years ago, electronic cigarettes were a novelty item that many dismissed as a passing fad. Instead, electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs” have become a billion-dollar business. And their staggering growth is just beginning. “Consumption of e-cigs may overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade,” said Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog.
What makes the e-cig such a revolutionary product is that it looks, feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette. But e-cigs uses electronics to produce an odorless vapor, rather than the combustion that produces smoke in tobacco cigarettes.
E-cigs are composed of two basic components, a battery and a flavor cartridge. The battery constitutes the “body” of the e-cig (the “white part” of a tobacco cigarette) and the flavor cartridge is the “filter” part. Anytime a consumer puffs on an e-cig, the battery heats up, turning the e-liquid into an odorless water vapor that delivers the nicotine to the smoker.