Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nicotine inhaler gives instant ‘hit’

Jun 20, 2013 by 
nicotineWellington smokers will trial a new inhaler that gives a hit of nicotine without the hundreds of harmful chemicals hidden in cigarette smoke.
The inhaler is based on puffer devices used to deliver medication to asthmatics.
It isn't the first inhaler to contain nicotine but previous prototypes made the nicotine too harsh to inhale, Otago University researcher Brent Caldwell said.
"Nicotine is quite peppery and makes you cough but this can be improved - and our new formula is very tolerable."
Just over 700 smokers are being recruited to take part in a study over seven months. Half will have a placebo and half will have nicotine. All will wear nicotine patches and they will have a month to reduce their cigarette consumption before cutting them out completely and using the inhaler instead.
Dr Caldwell hoped the inhaler would become available wherever tobacco was sold, even though it would mean non-smokers could buy it to get a hit.