Monday, July 15, 2013

E-cigarettes an emerging alternative

Jul 15, 2013 by 
E-cigarettes remain in a regulatory haze in Illinois.E-cigarettes
The one bill sent to Gov. Pat Quinn in the spring legislative session bans sale of the cigarette alternative to anyone younger than 18. But the debate continues on just how to regulate e-cigarettes.
About all that both sides agree on is that some type of regulation is coming with the growing popularity of the products.
“I expect there will be some things to come as more vapor stores are opening online and in communities,” said Niki Castleman, who opened Tribble Vapors at 2413 Denver Drive in Springfield last spring.
Tribble Vapors is among the first group of e-cigarette retail outlets in the region. The shop is named for Castleman’s partner in the business.
Castleman lives in St. Louis but stays with family in Springfield as needed to take care of the shop. Herself a smoker for nearly 30 years, Castleman said there are probably 15 to 20 e-cigarette shops in the St. Louis metro area.
“It’s just growing in leaps and bounds,” said Castleman, who also uses her products.
Bloomberg News reported in June e-cigarette sales are expected to hit $1 billion within a few years.
Awaiting FDA