Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jenny McCarthy to Star in Latest Blu E-Cig Commercials

Aug 1, 2013 by 
Blu ecigsTV personality Jenny McCarthy, the most recent addition to ABC's "The View," is the new face of Blu e-cigarettes, the leading brand in the category.
Ms. McCarthy will star in the brand's latest TV commercial starting Aug. 5 and webisodes slated for release today, according to Blu, which Lorillard bought for $135 million in 2012.
In the ads, she credits the Blu e-cigarettes for restoring her confidence in her dating life and introduces the Blu eCig Starter Pack, a new product. The webisode is a longer, different version of the TV commercial, in which Ms. McCarthy goes into greater deal about the Starter Pack, a spokeswoman for Blu said.
Blu did the creative for the ads with input from Ms. McCarthy, who follows in the footsteps of actor Stephen Dorff, the subject of TV and print ads for the brand.