Friday, August 2, 2013

Reading the smoke signals on e-cigarettes

Can you puff away on a plane, train or in your local bar?

Jul 31, 2013 by 

The rules can be hazy for electronic cigarettes, devices that uses synthetic nicotine and are cheaper and cleaner than the traditional kind. E-cigarettes are banned in some public places but restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, bowling alleys or shopping malls may allow 'vaping'.

e-cigarettesWhere there’s smoking, there’s no longer fire — but there’s plenty of heated debate.
Electronic cigarettes, known to smokers as e-cigarettes, are lighting up the city as puffers snuff out their butts in favor of the refillable, rechargeable alternative, which produces a not-so-smelly vapor instead of pungent smoke.
But should tokers treat these devices like cigarettes themselves, keeping the habit out of restaurants, bars, barbershops and airplanes? Or should they light up wherever the mood strikes, taking advantage of industry claims that the synthetic nicotine sticks are as harmless to passersby as nightclub fog machines?