Thursday, August 1, 2013

SmokTech Magneto Mech-Mod Review

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SmokTech Magneto

SmokTech Magneto
Donated by MyVaporStore for Spinfuel eMagazineI have always had a soft spot for completely mechanical mods. Their simplicity, their toughness, and their simplicity (wait, I said that already) are an alluring factor for many Vapers, myself included. When MyVaporStore sent us the new Magneto from SMOKTech I had to be the one to write the review. In the words of Mordin theSalarian in the magnificent “Mass Effect Trilogy” would say, “Someone else might have gotten it wrong”. There is much to like about the Magneto, and one or two annoyances as well.
The Mech-Mod Goes Upscale
Okay, so first of all, the Magneto is a good-looking mod. Far better looking than just about any other mechanical mod I’ve used in the past year and a half. Is it as good looking as something coming from Vape Rev, like anAtmomixani Nemesis? Well, no, then again, the glorious Nemesis is a $175 mod and the Magneto is just $49.95 (at MyVaporStore), so there’s that. It’s also not an Otto Carter $3000 hand-engraved piece of art, but no matter, it is still a good-looking mod that has taken the mech-mod to a higher scale than we’ve seen in some time (the above-mentioned mods excluded of course). But there is more to the Magneto than just good looks, a lot more.