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Vision – Glass V-Fate Nova 2ML

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Glass Vision V-Fate


by Jason Little
What a difference a year makes in the world of e-cigarettes! Just about a year ago the Vivi Nova was all the rage. Never mind the leaking or the dry hits, the Vivi Nova sold like there was no tomorrow. The Vivi Nova, with all its faults, sold for $14.99 ($13.99 on sale), through most vendors, and it was generally regarded as a fantastic clearomizer tank. Today, well, not so much (today’s price is $9.95). 2013 has been a great year in Clearomizer technology and the year is only a bit more than half over.
Spinfuel eMagazine reviews the new Vision V-Fate Glass Nova Tank System MyVaporStoreVision has been leading the way in clearomizers for some time now, followed closely by SMOKTech, and with the recently released new products is there any company that can beat them to the top? Hmmm… Take Tom’s review on the Vision Victory, or my review here for the V-Fate as examples. Both are good products, and so much better than last years crop of clearomizers, but where the Vision Victory succeeds the Vision V-Fate doesn’t quite get there.
So, is the V-Fate a new Vivi Nova?
Yes, certainly it is. Only better. Admittedly the 2ML V-Fate is heavier than the mini Vivi’s of the same capacity, and the use of Pyrex instead of plastic makes every bit of weight worth it. As far as the price goes, the Vivi Nova’s have dropped to under $10 while the new V-Fate is $12.89 (MyVaporStore). With the introduction of the V-Fate I can’t see the Vivi’s hanging on much longer.
  • Tempered Glass Tank housed in metal sleeve
  • Window Cutouts for easy viewing of liquid
  • Easy to fill
  • 510 Threaded
  • Ego Cone Cover Included