Sunday, December 1, 2013

Inability to follow directions may have caused e-cigarette fire

I want you all to read this carefully and watch the included video. Most of you will catch the problem right away as you watch the video or read the article. This could have all been prevented if the e-cigarette was not left unattended when charging. Hacker himself said he was down stairs and that it didnt stop charging when it was done.

I've a couple of questions to ponder: How does he know it didnt stop charging and why was the e-cigarette left unattended while charging? It's news like this that makes vaping and the e-cigarette look bad when in fact it's usually the lack of someones ability to use common sense!   411Vapes


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Playing video games in his basement, Thor Hacker said he heard a strange noise upstairs so he went to investigate.

“There’s smoke pouring out of the room, smoke alarms are all going crazy.  I walk in here, the beds on fire, I thought it was my girlfriend’s curling iron,” Hacker said.