Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CCVapes makes top 5 American Eliquid Vendors!

Crystal Canyon Vapes is now featured as one of the top five American Eliquid Vendors at BestClearomizer.com

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Crystal Canyon Vapes

Vapor Production
5 stars
5 stars
Pricing: 5ml – $3.75
Wholesome and homegrown; Crystal Canyon Vapes is a family owned and operated all-american e liquid vendor out of Arizona. They prefer to be called c.c. vapes. Thier liquids are made with only 100% USA ingredients and do not come with any additives including food coloring. You get a choice between two different PG/VG options. 70/30 or 50/50 (pg/vg). They only offer 5ml bottles or e juice because they choose to focus on the quality they put into every bottle they make. They sure are a smaller vendor compared to others but it gives you a good feeling you’re buying a safe American product, doesn’t it? Give a shout out in the comments section if you’ve heard of these guys and tell us what you think about CC Vapes, We’d love to get your feedback!

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