Thursday, November 13, 2014

Eliquid Review of Boardwalk Bliss 411Vapes

Eliquid Review of Crystal Canyon Vapes newest flavor: Boardwalk Bliss by 411Vapes

Boardwalk Bliss

Orange, Tangerine & Cherry
Oranges and Tangerines are blended for the perfect tangy citrus flavor! But its the sweet Cherry and Black Cherries that make this eliquid unique and refreshing!

The tangy citrus is very well balanced with sweet Cherries to give you a pleasing all day vape! If you are a fan of Southern Chill then this is a must try flavor!

Boardwalk Bliss has a slight cooling sensation that is not menthol, but adds even more dimension to this flavor! Head out to the Boardwalk and you'll be in vaping Bliss with this eliquid!

Flavor profile: Orange, Cherry, Tangerine, Sweet, Tangy, Cooling Sensation (non-menthol)