Monday, June 29, 2015

Three benefits of electronic cigarettes

Via the "upcoming"

Vaping – using electronic cigarettes that produce water vapour instead of smoke – is becoming incredibly popular as a way of giving up smoking or replacing cigarettes in your life. There are many reasons why vaping is better for you than tobacco smoking, and the main one is that it doesn’t contain the damaging chemicals that are in cigarette smoke. You can also choose from a wide range of interesting flavoured eliquids, and cool accessories likevariable voltage ecig cases and chargers.

   For women, one of the best things about switching from cigarettes to ecigs is the effect it can have on how you look and smell, and some of the changes are pretty much instant. Here are three of the ways vaping instead of smoking could even make you prettier:

No more nicotine stains
While ecigs can contain nicotine (which you will want if you are addicted to it and are using the ecig to replace smoking), the way it is delivered doesn’t stain in the way smoke does, so you will find you have whiter teeth, and you won’t end up with those tell-tale nicotine stains on your fingers and nails. If you bleach your hair, you will also be avoiding potential discolouration from smoke, which can in some cases make blonde hair look brassy or even green!