Saturday, August 15, 2015

Eliquid Review of Cranberry Kink by Vaping Discounts

An excellent eliquid review of our newest flavor: Cranberry Kink

Review by Vaping Discounts

The first thing I want to say is DO NOT dismiss this flavor before you try it! I did and I had to eat a little crow because I was wrong!
Cranberry Kink eLiquid is crafted by Crystal Canyon Vapes out of Arizona. Crystal Canyon Vapes has a large following and there is a reason for that. CCVapes doesn’t just take already mixed flavors and add nicotine, vg and pg. They take the time to actually create flavors by using various different flavors in their eliquids. Not a single flavor makes it to the sales stage until it has been crafted to perfection and Cranberry Kink is no exception.