Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Eliquid Review of Sinful Desire Vanilla Custard

An excellent eliquid review of Crystal Canyon Vapes newest flavor Sinful Desire by Vaping Discounts!

Via Kelly K. from www.vapingdiscounts.com
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Sinful Desire is a crafted blend of Vanilla and smooth creamy Custard that has warm undertones and a rich finish!
Topping off this Sinful dessert is a blend of unsweetened Caramel and a Butterscotch drizzle. The Caramel contrasts with the sweet custard to create a dessert flavor you can easily vape any time!
This well balanced Custard with rich warm undertones is sure to unleash your most Sinful Desire!
Flavor profile: Custard, Vanilla, Caramel, Rich, Creamy