Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sinful Desire Eliquid Review

Here is another excellent eliquid review of our newest flavor Sinful Desire: Vanilla Custard Ejuice

Review by: Bella Vapes
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From her blog -
Sinful Desire had me falling in love from the moment I opened the bottle and took the first sniff of it. It is a rich, decadent flavor that I think will delight those who love dessert flavors. On inhale I got a creamy vanilla custard and on the exhale a smooth caramel and butterscotch swirled together. The flavor is well balanced with just a touch of sweetness. To me it was like indulging in a rich, creamy dessert that you know you shouldn't eat, but without the calories. Sinful Desire with a nice hot cup of coffee is a wonderful combination. Crystal Canyon Vapes really hit it out of the park with this flavor! I don't think I've vaped a more appropriately named e-liquid in a while.
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