Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Commonly Overlooked Issue- Overheating of MODs

As vapers move up the experience level, there comes the need to have more control over one's vape. This is the reason why MODs are the vaping device of choice among the most experiencedvapers. Besides, they allow modders (vapers who use and are into vape MODs) the flexibility to vape on very high wattages, thus, increasing the warmth of the vape. This is important in achieving a throat hit that’s more robust. Other than control, MODs are loved for their aesthetics, not to mention longevity. I could go on and on- giving the advantages of using them, but that’s a topic for another day.
Today, I’d like to discuss a commonly overlooked issue- overheating of MODs. When MODs overheat, they could lead to dry hits, which are unpleasant, to say the least. Overheating could also lead to burns. Therefore, it’s crucial that every modder learns how to avoid overheating their devices.
Check for Functionality of Your Locking Component
When purchasing a MOD, it’s important to ensure that the lock system is functioning properly. Also, with continued use, you need to ensure that the lock continues to serve its purpose. The reason for this is to prevent accidental firing. Otherwise, there’ll be nothing to prevent the coils from firing up. This could lead to overheating and in serious cases, there could be an explosion. So, why not just ensure a functional lock before you purchase your MOD.
MOD Ventilation
Ventilation is a crucial component of every MOD. The more ventilation the device has, the better. Ventilation in MODs helps in the exchange of air. Hot air goes out as cool air comes in. If your MOD has poor ventilation, it could be the root cause of overheating. So, how will you know if your MOD has ample ventilation? It's simple. Blow into your MOD and check for the presence of vents, where air goes through. The more the merrier.
Battery Status
The status of your batteries is key in preventing overheating. You need to ensure that your batteries are properly charged at all times, no exceptions. Ensure that your MOD batteries don't run too low before you can charge them. Also, when charging them, ensure that you keep checking so you don't end up overcharging. Consequently, you’ll have an overheating problem. Additionally, it’s important that you avoid using your MOD while charging. To prevent overheating or your MOD, you should invest in high-quality batteries. Opt for Lithium-Ion batteries. The integrity of these batteries will go a long way in preventing overheating. They also sense when it's too hot and turn off.

One of the greatest advantages of vaping is that it allows you to experiment. As such, you can continually heighten your vaping experience. Meaning, that it only gets better with time. However, safety must be taken into consideration, even as we experiment. Especially, if you are new to the world of modding, you must be extremely cautious to avoid injuring yourself and ruining your MOD.