Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Abiding By The International Vaping Rules: Australia

With some of the strictest laws in the world when it comes to nicotine, Australia can be quite confusing when it comes to the rules of vaping. Even though vaping is not a tobacco product, some parts of Australia still throw e-cigarettes and other vaping devices in with cigarettes as illegal products.

Nicotine: A Poison?
In Australia, the substance nicotine is classified as a highly dangerous poison. This classification can make it very difficult to know where you stand as a vaper per Australian law. As vaping is a new technology, Australian law is still a bit ambiguous when it comes to its feelings toward nicotine in vape juices. Currently, Australia leaves laws specific to vaping up to each state.

State by State: Vaping Regulations
As of now, each state within Australia has its own laws when it comes to vaping. As it stands, vaping is completely illegal in Queensland. In Victoria, vaping products that contain nicotine are only legal when the person has a medical certificate. In the rest of Australia, vaping with or without a juice containing nicotine is legal although some states require the person to be above the age of 18.

Purchasing Vaping Products in Australia
Even though many states do allow vaping with nicotine, that doesn't mean that you can find a vape shop nearby that will sell you e-liquid with nicotine in it. In fact, in Australia, it is illegal to sell e-liquid products that contain nicotine. If you vape without nicotine, that is no problem as vape shops once again can sell nicotine-free juices. What is legal, luckily, is to purchase e-liquid products that contain nicotine from overseas retailers. Because the selling of nicotine products is legal in most other countries, you are legally allowed to purchase your juice from an international seller and have it shipped directly to your door.

Choosing the Right International Juice Retailer
Of course, having to purchase your juice products from an international online source poses its own challenges. Anyone can create a website that sells e-juice, whether they create quality products and have good shipping practices is another thing. Therefore, you should find an online international retailer that you can trust.

Crystal Canyon Vapes
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Despite the somewhat confusing Australian laws regarding vaping, you can still purchase quality products and receive them in a timely manner thanks to reputable international retailers such as Crystal Canyon Vapes.