Tuesday, March 21, 2017

International Customers Matter To Crystal Canyon Vapes

When shopping for vape products online, it is hard not to feel like you're taking a gamble. This is especially true if you're purchasing your products from an international supplier. Between ever-changing shipping costs, tricky customs policies, and unpredictable lengths of delivery time, it is no wonder so many people avoid purchasing vape products internationally.

However, here at Crystal Canyon Vapes, we are trying to change the way in which we view shopping internationally. Located in Arizona, Crystal Canyon Vapes has earned a reputation for providing incomparable service when it comes to taking care of its international customers.

About Crystal Canyon Vapes
Family-owned and operated, Crystal Canyon Vapes has been providing outstanding service to vape enthusiasts around the world for 4 years operating. Understanding the challenges faced by international customers, we have developed strict standards of practice when it comes to meeting the needs of vapers from places like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Premier Juice Suppliers
In addition to our dedication to international customers, our team is known for their exceptional e-juice products. One of the biggest struggles of shopping online for e-liquids is not knowing what to expect in terms of quality and flavor. Understanding this concern, Crystal Canyon Vapes holds themselves to the highest standards when creating their e-liquid products. All the e-juices sold on our website are made in a completely sterile and professional environment and manufactured with only the highest quality of ingredients. Plus, we offer sample packs at affordable prices, allowing customers around the world to try out a variety of flavors before committing to a full-size product.

Exceptional Selection of Hardware
Crystal CanyonVapes is also known for their extensive selection of hardware. From e-cig starter kits to coils, to RDAs to chargers, we carry what you need. With a good-sized inventory, we specialize in hardware products that are hard to find elsewhere.

Outstanding Shipping Practices
Knowing that the idea of international shipping makes many customers nervous, Crystal Canyon Vapes offers guaranteed delivery. In fact, orders sent to Australia often arrive in only 9-12 days. That's because we work closely with customs to ensure that packages arrive as quickly as possible. Plus, orders are almost always dispatched within 24 hours and tracking information is available to customers around the world. Those who are worried about ordering multiple glass bottles of e-juice for instance can be rest assured that their packages will arrive safely. Glass bottles are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that they won't break during the delivery process.

Shipping Discounts
Because so many Crystal Canyon Vapes customers like to order in bulk, orders over $75 are eligible for free domestic shipping or $18 flat rate shipping for overseas customers.

With so many unreliable vape suppliers on the internet, it is a relief to know that Crystal Canyon Vapes is committed to providing excellent customer service to customers around the world. Our incredibly high standards when it comes to our products, as well as the shipping practices, ensures that customers from every location can all enjoy exceptional service equally.