Wednesday, April 5, 2017


There are several reasons that today’s generation has chosen to vape rather than continue to smoke harmful tobacco cigarettes. The question on a lot people’s minds is why is it so widely popular among the 18-35 audience? Could it be that growing up, with an array of ads on television and on billboards that condemned smoking cigarettes, pushed this generation to find a better alternative to smoking? No matter how you view it, “Generation V” is here to stay with vast knowledge, creativity, and unique ideals.

With a ton of options out there,especially here at Crystal Canyon Vapes, from starter kit e-cigarettes to MODsand RDAs, this generation has built-up the vaping world. For instance, when it comes to MODs and RDAs, this generation seems to have a better understanding for how certain principles apply to producing a unique vaping experience. Coil building and even dripping have become the norm amongst today’s vapers. You see, these vapers have delved deeper into the specifics of how a unit works and the principles behind each device.

These standards behind how exactly an e-cigarette, portable vaporizer, or MOD works is now taught and understood with basic principles taught in science classes across the world. Comprehension of Ohm’s Law, Amps, and how the resistance of coils can vary, gives today's vapers options that far exceed that of just turning the device on. Single coil versus duel coils, the gauge and wraps of each coil, and how Amps and Ohm's correlate in not only generating that cloud of vapor that is so sought after, but the maximum flavor production one desires. Every vaping device simply put, is unique when it comes to these things.

When it comes to e-liquids, today's vapers enjoy juices with a nice throat hit, have dynamic flavors, and the ability to create large clouds of vapor. When you look at the cloud chasing tournaments for instance, these vapers have the most up-to-date MODs and the e-juices to vape with that contain high amounts of VG for their cloud chasing needs.

Now, the plethora of information that is at our fingertips is a huge factor. We are in the technological age of research, and this generation has the power to simply type a couple of words relating to their interests and find a wealth of knowledge relating to their search. They can find written directions, blogs, videos, and ways to spark ones imagination on how they can make their experience the most pleasurable one.

Finally, the world of vaping has opened the door for a social aspect that allows vapers to be able to connect. Online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Physical locations: vape expos, vapor lounges, etc. These social aspects of the vaping community are a huge contributing factor to how this generation of vapers has grown in such a short amount of time.

The only question (with an easy solution) now that this Generation V faces, is to build or not to build!