Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stop Buying E-Liquids Made in China!

The flavored e-liquids for e-cigarettes are no longer made just in China. They are now produced in the United States and other countries around the world. The e-liquids made in China have real problems and the potential for serious issues in the future. There are several reasons why you should stop buying e-liquids made in China.

No Monitoring or Regulation
One of the first reasons to stop is that the Chinese made e-liquids are not subject to the same monitoring and regulations as flavors made in other countries. Some manufacturers claim to have high standards. Others list ingredients on the side of the packaging. The reality is that there is no monitoring or tight regulation. These Chinese companies could be filling the e-liquids with chemicals that are harmful to humans. This should be reason enough to avoid Chinese e-liquids.

Poor Quality and Flavor
Another reason many people and e-cigarette retailers are already avoiding liquids made in China is quality. Many of the e-liquids coming out of China simply have a very bad taste. Some have a strong chemical aftertaste. Others just taste strange no matter what flavor is listed on the packaging. This makes vaping far less enjoyable. Part of this is likely because quality control is sometimes sacrificed in China in order to lower costs and improve production times.

E-Liquids made in China suffer from consistency problems. Flavor liquids from one imported batch might have different properties than the next batch. This means you cannot rely on these e-liquids since the next one you buy might be completely different from what you were expecting. This is no way to vape. It is far better to simply rely on e-liquids that have not been imported from China.

Potential Damage to Electronic Cigarettes
You have no way of knowing what is contained in the e-liquids produced in China. The manufacturers could be using a range of ingredients or chemicals intended to lower costs without regard to how they react with atomizers and tanks. This means the wrong combination of chemicals could damage an e-cigarette or degrade performance. There is no reason to risk damaging a favorite e-cigarette with these liquids when so many other options are available.

Support the Local Economy
A final reason to stop buying e-liquids made in China is to support your local economy. Buying e-liquids from the country where you live will help to create jobs and keep those companies in business. Patronizing brands outside of China makes it possible for those companies to grow and offer a wider range of e-liquids in the future.