Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Populairty of On-Campus Vaping

Across the world, increasing numbers of people are looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes in a bid to lower the antisocial aspects of smoking and to live a better lifestyle. As students around the world look to embark on a new life at college, a growing number are switching to vaping as their chosen form of smoking as they look for the best options for a better alternative on campus. Stricter controls are being implemented on many campuses, but vaping can still provide many with a good option for smoking in areas where traditional cigarettes are not permitted.

For students, the chance to vape can provide many benefits over traditional cigarettes, which can include the chance to inhale less nicotine and to do so in a cleaner way than the use of a traditional cigarette. An e-cigarette uses a cartridge containing liquid nicotine that does not contain the many harmful ingredients that are commonly found in traditional cigarettes and lead to many of the antisocial aspects of smoking. Because an e-cigarette does not need to be smoked to the end of the cartridge the individual smoker can often lower the amount of nicotine they take in during an average day on a college campus.

Life on campus is often busy and filled with fun and a little stress, which leads many students to take up smoking. Finding a cleaner way that does not include the strong smells created by burning the wrapper and ingredients of a cigarette can make it easier for a student to make friends on campus. An e-cigarette emits water vapor, which does not produce a strong odor or cover clothes and the surroundings area with the smells associated with traditional smoking. Vaping is another option for those who are living the busy life of a college student as a few puffs on a vaporizer can satisfy the need for nicotine and be flavored with different options.

Some college campuses still allow students to vape on campus in areas where traditional smoking is forbidden. Following the rules is an important thing to do and vaping in class may not be the correct thing to do on most campuses. As vaping is seen as less controversial than other smoking options the chance to vape in public should not be missed for students at colleges across the country.