Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Do Ratios Really Matter?

There are a few characteristics of PG and VG that people need to know about because it can affect the experience that they have with vaping.

The first characteristic is that Propylene Glycol is a thin liquid that has no natural flavor. Therefore, it is going to work great with the e-juice that needs flavors added to it. Vegetable Glycerin is a thicker liquid that has a sweet flavor.

The second characteristic is that PG has a longer shelf life because all its ingredients are all natural. VG has a shorter shelf because of all its organic ingredients.

The third characteristic is that PG has a stronger hit to the throat. Therefore, a lot of people are going to suffer from throat irritation when they use it to vape. VG does not hit the throat as strong because it can get more vapor.

The fourth characteristic is that PG has a higher voltage requirement because it has a higher temperature resistance.

The last characteristic is that PG is going to produce fewer vapors when a person inhales and thinner clouds when they exhale. This means that a person is probably going to experience a burnt taste if the voltage is not regulated correctly. The VG has a smoother inhale and can produce huge clouds when a person exhales. Therefore, a lot of people love to do tricks with the vapor clouds of the vegetable glycerin.

The Ratios of VG and PG

When a person chooses the 100 percent VG it is because of two different reasons. The first reason is that they might have an allergy to PG. The second reason is that like to cloud chase competitively. People are not going to get a throat hit and because it is sweet, it is going to alter some of the flavors of the e-juice. This can also create an issue with the maintenance of the equipment.

If a person wants the best of both worlds, then they need to choose the 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. This is because they are going to get a lot of vapor and a little bit of a hit to the throat. It is very smooth so it is not going to overpower the person when they are inhaling and they will still get the big clouds when they are exhaling.

When a person is experimenting with vapors for the first time, they will want to use the 50 percent VG and 50 percent PG. This is because they are going to get a small bite on the inhale and high-quality exhales. If though this is not a common ratio, a person can get a 20 percent VG and 80 percent PG if they want more vapors and a slight decrease for the hit in the throat.

Even though it is not as popular, it is common for people to get the 100 percent PG. This is because it has the strongest hit to the throat and you are going to be able to taste all the flavors of the e-juice. A person is going to get fewer vapors produced compared to the vegetable glycerin.

At first, numerous vast e-juice makers made their items with PG bases, and some offered VG e-fluids as a possibility for those hypersensitive to propylene glycol. In any case, they immediately found that making a base by blending PG and VG enabled them to join the best components of every substance, to give a scope of decision to vapers searching for various attributes in their e-juice.

On the off chance that you blend your own e-liquid, obviously, you have a definitive control. You will probably find that specific PG/VG proportions work best with your vaporizer and that distinctive proportions are ideal for various groups of flavors; you'll likewise locate that high-VG juice blended with a few flavors can take more time to soak, and that most high nicotine focuses and "fascinating" flavors aren't accessible in a VG suspension.

These are just some of the reasons why some people might want to choose the different ratios for the vegetable glycerin and the propylene glycol. It is all based on your preferences.