Monday, June 12, 2017

Vaping and The Throat Hit Effect

One significant factor that for those who love to engage in the practice, is the quality of the throat hit that one gains in the process of vaping. It has even affected the type of vaping devices that are designed. A great throat hit can make a person to cough while a gentle throat punch smoothly moves down the throat.

The E-Liquid
The most important source of the throat hit is the PG/VG (Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin) proportion associated with the particular e-juice in thevaping device. PG is suitable for persons who are in search of a powerful throat hit, while for those who are only interested in a smoother throat hit are encouraged to use the VG type of e-juice. On the other hand, the throat hit obtained from PG is less satisfying unlike that which is gained from the use of nicotine. However, the throat hit associated with PG is powerful and it can be felt like a sharp biting sensation at the rear of the throat. For a PG/VG ratio of about 40/60 and 60/40, the throat hit is typically considered to be tough and very powerful consecutively. PG provides a punchier throat hit while that of nicotine which is more robust.

The Type of Vape Tank
For the best result in the process of vaping, it is important not undermine the importance of the vaping tank that is selected. The vaping tank is designed to match a vaping device, and it is imperative since this helps to meet different personal preferences. When this important fact is not considered in the process of acquiring a tank or the vaping device, one can easily miss out on the great throat punch that is delivered through the course of vaping, and therefore, will not be satisfied. The set up plays a huge role in affecting the quality of vapor that will be released. If the tank and the mod don’t match well, then the gas that will be obtained in the process is entirely unsatisfactory for both the tongue and the lungs. The best tanks are the ones which have been designed using glass material.

The Types of Coils and Wicks
The quality of the throat hit depends on the wick or coil that is used in vaping. Most people will tend to ignore the importance of the wick material, due to the massive dominance of cotton in the vaping devices. Using other materials for the wick provides a much better throat hit.
The use of cotton is extensive because most people consider it to provide a cleaner flavor. However, it does not provide a stronger throat hit as most people would expect. For a mild throat hit, cotton is the best. However, for a much greater punch in the throat, rebuildable atomizer would be the most suitable option. The use of hemp wicks also avails a very powerful throat hit.

Type of Vaping Device
It has never been entirely clear how the vaping device affects the throat punch and overall satisfaction that one gets unlike for the different PG/VG ratios, flavors, and nicotine. When vaping began, tank systems were most commonly used in the process. To get a great throat punch, one would have to use an e-juice containing a lot of nicotine and higher PG. However, in the advent of mods, there was less need of using concentrated nicotine, flavor, and PG. Therefore, high-power devices help people to get a stronger throat hit regardless of the e-juice being used.

Options are usually unlimited when one selects a mod that has different wattage levels since adjustments can easily be made to ensure that the best throat hit is obtained.

As much as vaping tends to be a new, it is a tradition that is being adopted rapidly. Additionally, it tends to embrace technology. Regarding price, the use of vaporizers and E-cigarettes helps to cut down on the cost. For E-Cigarettes, there are no recurrent costs like in the use of cigarettes. Finally, vaping leads to a complete cessation of smoking, which is very important for the health of individuals.