Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New ejuice flavor: Crossroads - Caramel Tobacco

A new eliquid flavor has been released! Crossroads: Caramel Tobacco

Crossroads is a sweet tobacco immersed in our signature Caramel blend for the ultimate Caramel flavored tobacco ejuice! The tobacco is a blend of robust and sweet tobacco flavors that provide a satisfying vape.

Our Caramel is unsweetened and is well balanced with the sweet tobacco flavor. Together they create an addicting all day vape.

You wont have to trade your soul at the Crossroads to get this decadent eliquid flavor!

Flavor profile: Caramel, Smooth, Sweet Tobacco

Sunday, August 27, 2017

4 Tips For Avoiding a Cracked Vape Tank

Just like any other hobby, vapers can run into problems right from the get go. Unfortunately, most of the problems occur to newbies who have not fully educated themselves about vaping or what to look out for that will help them take care of their equipment. Because of this, we will explore the 4 best tips to consider that will help you avoid a cracked vape tank.

Tip #4: Avoid Placing Your Vape Tank In Your Pocket
Accidents happen, we get that. But you should never make a bad habit of sticking your vape tank in your pocket. The pocket is the most convenient place for storing your vape tank while it's not in use. Not only is a bad idea, but it can be a costly error that you want to avoid. You run a much higher risk of forgetting about it and as soon as you sit down, you hear a crunching sound. Another reason why your pocket is a bad idea is that you may accidentally add your coin change. These metallic coins have the potential to cause an explosion if they touch the batteries.

Tip #3: Look At The E-Juice's PG/VG Ratio Before Filling the Vape Tank
Knowing the PG/VG ratio of your e-juice will allow you to know how well your vaporizer will function. It also can be a determining factor in the possibility of your vape tank cracking. The main reason is that VG is very viscous, so it takes longer than normal for the wick to be soaked enough where the juice reaches the coil. 

When the next puff is taken, you experience a dry hit. If you experience too many dry hits after a while, your vape tank runs the risk of cracking. To prevent any possible cracking, the best solution is to add a good amount of PG so that you'll avoid the dry hits.

Tip #2: Look at the Electronic Cigarette or MOD's Voltage/Wattage Settings
A lot of e-cigs today have a variable wattage and variable voltage setting. The Best and safest of the two is the variable wattage. The main reason is that you won't experience any overheating that could not only damage your coil but also make your vape tank crack.

So now that you know why it would be wise to stick to a variable voltage setting, you can rest assured that your vaping experience will go without a hitch.

Tip #1: The Vape Tank's Material - Buy Glass or Pyrex over Plastic
Vape tanks make up more than 50% of sales relating to vaping products. The main cause for such a high rate of sale is due to certain e-juice flavors that vapers have reported to have been making their vape tanks crack.

It has been discovered by several sources that certain e-juices react to the polycarbonate plastic that manufacturers use for the vape tanks. Because of this, enzymes in the e-juice begin to react causing the plastic to crack.

If you have ever experienced a cracked vape tank, then you have been witness to a very messy situation. But having a mess shouldn't be your big worry. Your big worry should be knowing which e-juice is causing the reaction with your vape tank. Or, you can upgrade to a pyrex glass vape tank and your problem is solved.

Hopefully, you won't come across any problems concerning cracking. But if you do, it would be a good idea to invest in a glass tank before you return to your regular e-juice flavors. We all know that every e-juice tank is different. This is why some will be able to withstand a lot more everyday occurrences, like the ones listed above. 

If you become one of the unfortunate vapers to experience a cracked vape tank, then you should seriously invest the extra money for a pyrex glass tank. For their price, you are making an investment that will allow you to enjoy every e-juice available. Keep in mind though, you won't want to mishandle your e-cig anymore by tossing it or forgetting you have it in your pocket before you decide to sit down.

In the end, having a cracked vape tank can be a real drag if you are just beginning to vape. But, taking these four tips with you will ensure that you will never run into a problem.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

CCVapes Twist Kit

1300 MAH Variable Voltage Battery, (2x) T3D Clearomizers, Charger, 30ml Bottle of Eliquid.
The Ego Twist is a great entry point into Variable Voltage vaping. You can adjust output power from 3.2 volts up to 4.8 volts giving you greater flexibility. Simply twist the dial on the bottom of the battery.
With an 1300 MAH Battery, you will have enough power to get thru the day. Its slim, light weight and comfortable to hold.
The Ego Twist has a Black rubberized no slip finish.
Also in the kit are two T3D Dual Coil Clearomizers. These clearomizers perform quite well and provide consistent vapor and throat hit. The base has a nice textured grip, so its easy to screw and unscrew from your battery. Easy to refill and have replaceable bottom coil heads.
Charge your Ego battery safely and with the convenience of using either USB or an AC Adapter.
What kit is complete without eliquid? Below you'll have the option to choose a flavor and nicotine level for your 30ml bottle!
·       1300 MAH Battery
·       Selectable Voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V
·       Easy to use Twist dial for adjustment
·       Long Battery Life
·       Buck-Boost Technology
·       Blue LED, 5 Clicks on & Off
·       Clearomizers hold 2.5ml of liquid
·       USB Adapter to charge battery from computer USB port
·       Wall Adapter to plug in to any standard US outlet

·       Compatible with all eGo style accessories that use Ego Threading or 510 connections

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Several Tips For Keeping Your Vape Gear Organized

As you go up the vaping ladder so does your vape gear. With time, you’ll find that you have acquired a lot of vaping devices, e-liquids and accessories from Crystal Canyon Vapes, and storing them will not be as easy as it was on your first days of vaping. If you’re finding it difficult to keep your vape supplies, whether when traveling or just at home, then here are several tips to help you through.

Tip #1: Plan for Storage
The first step to keeping your vape gear organized is to get the right type of storage. If you’re in transit, you can purchase a specialized case that has compartments to fit your different accessories. However, if you are just at home, a storage container is more suitable. It’ll accommodate more supplies. You can visit your nearest convenience store and get a storage container that comes with dividers, allowing you to compartmentalize. Such storage containers allow you to create compartments depending on the size of your vape gear. At the end of the day, you’ll find that everything you need for your vape session, is in one place.

Tip #2: Tidy Up
Want to get rid of clutter? The key is in cleaning up. Simple enough, right? Every other week, dedicate a few minutes to clean your used vape gear. Also, take the time to wipe your storage case or container. This way, it ‘l be much easier to identify what is what, when you need it. Additionally, it helps keep your vape supplies more organized.

Tip #3: Labeling
Labeling is crucial is you want your vape gear to stay organized. Sometimes, you might have accessories which look the same but have very distinct characteristics. To tell them apart, without tearing your storage container apart, you need to keep everything well-labeled. Labeling only helps to make your organizing work easy. Also, it helps you easily locate what you need by pointing to you where it is. 

Tip #4: Play Around
One of the reasons why vapers find it difficult to keep their gear organized is because they find it really boring. Therefore, if you could learn how to play around with your storage gear, them it would be all okay. Try using your favorite brand stickers to keep the storage container looking fresh.

There are many reasons as to why one would want their vape supplies to stay organized. For some, it’s simply the urge to have everything organized. For others, it’s all about keeping their vape gear away from children and pets in their homes. While others simply want the convenience of finding vape supplies easily. Regardless of your reason to keep it organized, the above tips will give you the ideas necessary on how to get it all together.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Different Types of Replacement Coils

Replacement coils are a way to keep changing the current coils whenever it is required. Replacement coils are especially important when you start to notice a burnt taste in your flavor. This means that your coils might be burnt and, therefore, requires to be replaced. Replacement coils is what keeps you vaping for as long as you need. Having covered the importance of replacement coils, it is only sensible to talk about the various types of replacement coils available in the market. 

Here's a look at the three most common types of replacement coils: 

Single Coils

Single coils are a no brainer. They are just that- one coil in the atomizer. They are preferred by many new and even advanced vapers. The reason why they are an appealing choice to new vapers is the fact that they are easy to set-up. Also, they go well with lower-power devices, which most of the newbie vapers prefer. This is because they tend to consume less power. Besides, power is only being drawn by only one coil. Therefore, the single coils don’t require much power to heat up. Additionally, if the airflow is regulated, single coils have great potential to produce thick clouds, unlike in dual coils where if you regulate the air flow, your vape device could end up getting too hot. Single coils are also a great option for advanced vapers who are just starting to build their own coils. This is because they are pretty easy to build. 

Other than prolonging your battery life and allowing you to vape longer, single coils also save on the amount of e-juice consumed. Besides, the liquid is in contact with only one coil. Therefore, less juice is vaporized at a time.

Dual Coils
Dual Coils are loved by cloud chasers. This is because they have the ability to produce large clouds of vapor. Besides, every time power is conducted, it goes through the coils at the same time. In turn, the coils vaporize the juice. Consequently, more vapor is produced, making dual coils excellent for cloud chasing. However, it should be noted that with dual coils, you have to be willing to pay a double amount for replacement coils, every other time you need to replace them. Also, the power consumption will be higher; therefore, you need to recharge your device more frequently. And, you should expect to run out of juice at a quicker rate.

Sub-Ohm Coils
There are many subcategories of sub-ohm coils. Most dual coils are excellent for Sub-ohming. This is because, by having two coils in the same atomizer, you will be reducing the resistance, which is what you are going for when it comes to this type of vaping style. However, you need to understand that not all dual coils are great for sub-ohming. Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel are preferred because their resistance decrease as the temperatures rise.

To have a satisfactory vaping experience, it is important that you understand the various types of replacement coils. You don’t want to waste money in the wrong coils. Also, knowing about the various replacement coils will prevent you from the frustration of working with a coil that doesn’t match your needs.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

3 Ways To Prevent Vaper's Tongue

Vaping has become a very popular trend among those are looking to live a better lifestyle and want to avoid the dangers of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. You avoid a lot of the chemicals and carcinogens that are in cigarettes and vaping tends to be a lot less of a nuisance to those that are around you on a regular basis. 

However, one downfall to being a dedicated vaper is something that is referred to as "vaper’s tongue". It is not what you think it might be, which many guess is maybe a coating on the tongue from the process of vaping. Vaper’s tongue actually refers to suddenly experiencing a lack of flavor when smoking and come about from a number of different reasons whether it be dehydration or illness.

Vaper’s Tongue
The first reaction a person will normally have is thinking that something has gone terribly wrong with their electronic cigarette that has caused them to no longer taste the vape juice flavor that they have been using. In actuality, these flavorless inhalations have nothing to do with the device or the liquid being used. The vaper actually is experiencing a decreasing flavor effect that comes from their habit.

How Can You Prevent Vaper’s Tongue?
There are a number of different ways that you can avoid this annoying problem from occurring so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite e-liquids from Crystal Canyon Vapes: 

  • Tip #1: Stay Hydrated - Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for experiencing vaper’s tongue. If you aim for the recommended eight to ten glasses of water per day, you will not only reap the health benefits of being well-hydrated but you will also be able to better taste and experience your juice from your device.
  • Tip #2: Don’t Overdo One Specific Flavor -  Everything should be consumed in moderation and E-liquid flavors are no different. If you constantly are using the same flavor over and over this can lead to diminished flavoring. Switch your flavors up a bit or at least rotate a couple of different varieties in order to prevent your body from adapting to the smell and taste. 
  • Tip #3: Keep Your Nasal Passages Clear - If you have had a cold or allergies before then you know what comes about when you are stuffed up. You tend to experience a diminished sense of taste and smell. Your sense of smell is very much related to your sense of taste. If you are sick or just tend to be someone that is often stuffed up, you may want to utilize something like saline sprays to help reduce inflammation in the nose and help you breathe better. The end result is being about to better experience your e-liquid flavors.

You can easily avoid that dreaded vaper’s tongue by just slightly changing your vaping routine. This way, you can enjoy the products you like the best without having to completely change what you are using.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

3 Quick Ways to Identify A Damaged Vape Tank

Regardless, if you just bought your first electronic cigarette (non-disposable) or have been vaping for years, everyone experiences the occasional leaky or gurgling vape tank. In this article, we will discuss 3 quick ways to identify a damaged vape tank and what you can do to try and fix the problem.

The first problem that many vapers encounter after buying a new tank is leaking. The tank can leak from the bottom or the top but they are both easy to fix. If the tank is leaking from the bottom, first try adjusting your air flow holes to the lowest setting when you aren't using the tank. This will prevent juice from leaking out of the tank's air flow holes. If the tank continues to leak after the airflow has been restricted, this indicates that the rubber O-rings on the inside of the tank have been installed incorrectly or are damaged. To change the O-rings, remove the Pyrex glass from your tank and locate the rubber seals on the top and bottom base of the tank, these are the O-rings. Check to make sure they are properly installed and do not have any rips or tears in them. If they are damaged, they must be replaced to stop the leaking. If your tank is leaking from the top, make sure that you have been storing it in an upright position.

The second problem that seems to happen quite frequently is spitting. "Spitting" is when hot vape juice is shot through the chimney and into the mouth of the user. It can be quite unpleasant and sometimes painful. If your tank is spitting, the juice is being wicked faster than it can be vaporized. What this means is that the wick inside of the coil is soaking up juice faster than the coil is vaporizing it and hot juice is being sucked up the chimney through the mouthpiece. Typically, this problem can be fixed by increasing the wattage on your device. If the wattage on your device can't be adjusted then it is recommended that you use a thicker juice to eliminate spitting.

Have you ever heard a gurgling noise coming from inside of your tank? Have no fear as this problem is quite normal and is easily fixed. If your tank is gurgling, it means that you've added too much e-liquid and flooded the atomizer! Don't worry though, this can quickly be fixed by taking the atomizer off, wrapping a towel around the opening, and giving it a few firm shakes. If done correctly, the excess juice will come out of the atomizer and be absorbed by the towel. You can then reassemble your tank and continue vaping.

Hopefully, with this information, you are now able to recognize a broken or damaged vape tank and troubleshoot the problems. Whether the problem is spitting, gurgling, or leaking, all vapes do require a small amount of upkeep to keep them in a good working condition. The enjoyment that you will receive from the hobby of vaping is well worth the small amount of time that you put into maintaining your vaping device.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Empire Turkish RY4 Tobacco

A complex blend of Turkish and Eastern Tobaccos that come together for a rich smooth blend. We've also introduced some RY4 elements into this e-liquid to make it unique!
Slightly sweet Turkish Tobacco with a warm smooth body and aromatic high notes, complimented by a blend of creamy Caramels for just the right amount of Sweetness.
Exhaling thru your mouth gives you a sweeter Tobacco flavor while exhaling thru your nose provides a richer, bolder experience. This vape is sure to be the golden treasure of any Empire!

Flavor profile: Turkish, Tobacco, Caramel, RY4, Semi Sweet

Choose your options

60, 30 and 15 ml bottles are glass and come with a glass dropper. 5ml bottles are plastic.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Get It Right: Cartridges and E-Liquids Are Different!

One of the most common things that new vapers get confused about is the difference between cartridges and e-liquids. Yes, there is a difference! It is very easy to get the two mixed up if you are not familiar with vaping and the different materials that go into the process. Continue reading to find out more about cartridges and e-liquids, and which one is right for you. 

Cartridges are easier to understand because they usually go with basic electronic cigarettes. If you chose a vaping device targeted toward newcomers, chances are that you are using cartridges. Cartridges are easy to use because you buy them and they are already filled with e-liquid. When you are done vaping, you simply dispose of the container. Cartridges are a great choice if you are going to be vaping on the go. They can easily be inserted, vaped, and disposed of with no mess. This is a great option because you do not need to worry about dripping or spilling your e-juices. This is the best choice if you are relatively new to the vaping world because it is easier to deal with. Once you get more involved and knowledgeable about vaping, you might want to switch over to e-juices. The main reason that someone people prefer e-juices is because you cannot change cartridge brands. It has to be compatible with the device you are using. This makes your choices somewhat limited. But for most people, it is the perfect starting point.

E-liquids are used with devices that contain atomizers. You pour the liquid in yourself so that you have more control over you are vaping. E-liquids are also less expensive than cartridges to use. Unlike cartridges which need to be disposed of, e-liquids can last a long time when taken care of properly. E-liquid vials usually only need to be changed two or three times a month. That is a big difference from the 30 cartridges you would be using. In addition, you have more options with e-juices because you can use any brand that you want. You also have more customization opportunities in terms of flavor, base, and nicotine levels. E-liquids are a great choice for someone who is a little more experienced or prefers more control over their vaping experience. E-liquids are used in e-cigarettes that contain cartomizers and atomizers. The e-liquid is poured into the cartomizer which is located on the top of the device. Using e-liquids as opposed to cartridges requires a little more care because you are handling the e-juice directly. If you are careful to avoid any sorts of spills, this is a great choice if you want a little more customization. You can even mix flavors together to get one that you really enjoy.

Cartridges are typically used with slim e-cigarettes and e-juice is used with devices that have an opening at the top. Cartridges are disposed of and replaced when they run out. E-juices are refilled into the cartomizer and last longer. The flavors can also be mixed so it is perfect if you are interested in trying new things. Now that you understand the difference between e-liquids and cartridges, you are probably wondering which option is best for you. Cartridges might be good if you are new to the vaping world and want a one-piece system. They are easy to use but can be a little expensive if you vape frequently. E-liquids are a good choice if you prefer more options because there are many more flavors and nicotine contents available in e-juice. The flavors can also be mixed to create the perfect vape.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Don't Sleep on Steeping

Most people think of steeping as relating to making tea or infusing flavors into foods. A lesser known use for steeping is to both enhance the quality of e-liquid for vapes and remove any residual flavor of the bottle and traces of alcohol. By taking a closer look at steeping your e-liquid, you'll quickly see that it isn't just for tea anymore. 

What it is:

Steeping in its simplest form is soaking something in a liquid to either draw out a flavor or infuse the flavor of the liquid into any food similar to marinating a piece of meat. This same process can be utilized to maximize the flavor of typical e-liquid and elevate it to a much higher quality. The underlying science behind steeping is oxidation. Oxidation occurs when the e-liquid reacts with the oxygen in the air to remove any alcohol present. Oxidation also gives your e-liquid a much darker and aesthetically pleasing look than juice that hasn't been steeped. 

How it is done:

The process of steeping is actually quite simple if you're willing to wait. First, you need to find a cool and dark place to store your e-liquid for anywhere from six days to two weeks. Simply remove all labels from your e-liquid bottles place in the previously identified cool and dark place and wait. Once a day you should take the bottle out of hiding, give them a good shake, and briefly open them and expose them to the air to induce oxidation within the e-liquid. While performing this daily ritual, be sure not to expose the bottles to light for too long or else this can decrease the overall quality of your e-liquid. For those of you who don't want to wait quite as long but still want to reap the benefits of steeping, there is a process for you as well. Simply place your unlabeled bottles of e-liquid into a sealed bag and place this bag into a warm bath. The bath should be hot but not too hot that you are unable to place your hand into it. Once the warm bath cools, simply take the bottles back out of the bag and open each one to expel the unwanted gases. 

Why you should be doing it to your e-liquid bottles before vaping them:

Most people begin vaping as a way to wean themselves off of traditional cigarettes. Whether it was because a doctor told you to, for a family member or just for yourself, health concerns or health goals are one of the main driving forces in the transition away from cigarettes. Not only will steeping your e-liquid before vaping it make your juice taste great, but it will give you even more health returns than previously thought. By removing alcohol and harsh chemicals associated with the bottling process, steeping your e-liquid is a simple process that is well worth the wait.

Vaping has offered freedom for thousands of people who wanted to transition away from traditional cigarettes. Not only does vaping offer a healthier alternative to cigarettes but it can also offer a plethora of enjoyable flavors for every individualized taste. Steeping your e-liquid before vaping it only enhances the already pleasurable flavors that are offered on the market today. Remember, don't sleep on steeping.