Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Few rules apply to electronic cigarettes

electronic cigarettes
BURR RIDGE – Craig Rzepka has gotten a few dirty looks while using his electronic cigarettes. That is, he said, until the complainant realizes the vapor he’s exhaling smells more like dessert than cigarette smoke.

Depending on the day, the vapor exuded by Rzepka’s smoking device might smell like cherry, chocolate mint, or even blueberry waffles.

Despite the pleasant aroma, the devices aren’t allowed everywhere, including at Eddie Merlot’s restaurant in Burr Ridge, where Rzepka is a manager.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A new flavor has been released! Sinister Sweetness

CCVapes is very pleased to announce the release of a new flavor!

Butterscotch Eliquid

Sinister Sweetness

Butterscotch, Caramel and Chocolate
A rich blend of cream, brown sugar and hints of vanilla are used to create the perfect Butterscotch flavor. Layered with unsweetened Caramel and dark Chocolate this Butterscotch is vibrant, smooth and sweet!
On the inhale you get a sweet Butterscotch with a smooth Caramel body and on the exhale there are subtle hints of Dark Chocolate. This Butterscotch is sweet but has its Sinister side!

Flavor profile: Butterscotch, Caramel, Chocolate, Rich, Sweet, Buttery, Smooth

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review of CCVapes Treviso by Darth Vapor

Crystal Canyon Vapes Treviso eLiquid Review by Darth Vapor Reviews


Creamy Tiramisu
Our Tiramisu starts off with sweet creamy Custard and blended with a light Liqueur. Combined with our bold Espresso, we then finish it off with rich Cocoa.
When these flavors come together, you have a semi sweet Italian favorite. The contrast of sweetness and Coffee gives this flavor a good balance.

Flavor profile: Semi Sweet, Cream, Custard, Espresso, Cocoa

Review of Mystik RY4 by VIP Vape

Eliquid Review of Crystal Canyon Vapes Ecto Cooler by VipVape

Mystik RY4

Caramel, Vanilla Tobacco
We started out with a solid well rounded tobacco flavor for our RY4, with just the right amount of body and richness. Blended perfectly with creamy Caramel and a bit of sweet Vanilla, this eliquid goes beyond a traditional taste! Its a smooth, sweeter vape that allows its tobacco notes to come thru.
The tobacco flavor doesn't get lost in this blend and this RY4 eliquid is sure to be a favorite!

Flavor profile: Medium Tobacco, Sweet, Caramel, Vanilla, RY4

Too many concerns exist with e-cigarettes?

Chances are you have seen the recent advertisements for electronic cigarettes on television, billboards and in magazines. Social media is littered with pop-up and banner ads featuring rugged, masculine men or glamorous starlets. Does it seem like déjà vu to you? The tobacco industry used these same tactics to entice new users, many of whom now suffer health effects or worse, death.

Whether it is the act of smoking or the latest got-to-have-it gadget that draws people to e-cigarettes, it’s the nicotine that keeps them there. The fact remains that no federal agency currently oversees how e-cigarettes are made, or how and to whom they are marketed and sold.

There is no credible labeling, no testing, and therefore hold no hope of ending nicotine addiction.