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E-Cigarette Sales to Hit $1 Billion

Jul 31, 2013 by 


a relative novelty three years ago--are about to hit $1 billion in sales, according to Wells Fargo securities analysts.
While that's only 1 percent of sales of traditional cigarettes, the number of consumers who say they've tried e-smokes is growing fast. The sale of e-cigarettes totaled just $500 million last year.
According to the most recent survey by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, in 2011 about 21 percent of adults who smoke traditional cigarettes said they had tried the electronic alternative, up from about 10 percent in 2010.
"Overall," says a CDC press release, "about 6 percent of all adults have tried e-cigarettes, with estimates nearly doubling from 2010."
"E-cigarette use is growing rapidly," said CDC director Tom Frieden in a February 2013 release announcing the survey's findings. "There is still we do not know about these products."
E-cigarettes, in their most popular form, look like conventional tobacco cigarettes. They do not, however, contain leaf tobacco and they do not burn. As described by CDC, they are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of nicotine vapor and flavorings. Because they do not burn and do not produce smoke, their advocates consider them more socially acceptable than traditional cigarettes.
Their detractors do not. The Long Island Rail Road declared earlier this month that e-cigarettes violate LIRR's smoking ban, which declares it unlawful for railroad patrons to "burn a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco or any tobacco substitute."

Robert Pattinson Quits Smoking For Good – How He Did It

Jul 31, 2013 by 

After his split from Kristen Stewart, Rob is taking charge of his health, which includes living a smoke-free life! Keep reading to find out all the EXCLUSIVE details about how R-Patz is ditching cigarettes.

Robert PattinsonIt’s never too late to quit smoking! Just ask Robert Pattinson, who, after his recent split from Kristen Stewart, is using all of his will power to give up cigarettes, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.
Robert Pattinson Stopped Smoking For Good — How He Did It
Rob knows firsthand just how difficult ending relationships can be — and quitting smoking is no different. The 27-year-old Twilight stud is trying his best to kick his smoking addiction, but it hasn’t been easy.
“He still loves the electronic cigarettes and is not completely over smoking yet,” a source close to R-Patz tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Its a very social thing for him and all his friends smoke so he is still fighting to quit. It’s hard for him when it is so readily available.”
Hang in there Rob. We know you can do it!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More locals trying to quit smoking after July tax hike

Jul 30, 2013 by 
quitFAIRMONT - Kicking a bad habit is always easier said than done. But a few local people who said, "I quit," when new state taxes pushed the price of cigarettes up past $7 a pack are determined to stick to it, and making even more think about quitting.
For Travis O'Connor of Fairmont, the price hike was the last straw after 21 years as a smoker.
"It really was the final push," he admits. "I'd always said if it hit $5 a pack, I'd quit. Then it was $6. But when it went to $6.10, I made it seven."
But a few weeks before the tax went into effect, the seed for quitting was planted for O'Connor when he went to the doctor for a routine check-up.

CCVapes Eliquid Review Arctic Ice by 411Vapes

An eliquid review of Crystal Canyon Vapes Arctic Ice by 411Vapes

Arctic Ice

Crisp Spearmint Menthol
A crisp refreshing blast of spearmint with a bright menthol finish. This eliquid provides a great balance of sweetness with that cool and savory menthol taste.
Flavor profile: Slightly sweet, minty, crisp

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M16 Mechanical Mod

411Vapes Review of the Grand Vapor "M16" Mechanical Mod

This mod can be purchased from VaporTekUSA

World’s cheapest nicotine e-cigarette goes on sale in the UK

and it costs just £1?

Jul 29, 2013 by 
e-cigaretteThe world's first £1 e-cigarette has gone on sale in in the UK today.
Anti-smoking campaigners hope the product, which will be sold at Discount UK's nationwide 70 stores, will cut the cost of giving up smoking for millions of people.
At a fifth of the price of the previous lowest cost disposable brand, the Ezi-Cig quitting aid is the cheapest disposable e-cigarette to ever go on sale.
Each disposable vapouriser lasts up to 220 puffs - the equivalent of a 20 pack of cigarettes - and, say product developers, has been developed after two years of research.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Regulator to Act on e-Cigarettes

Jul 27, 2013 by 
E-cigarettesThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will resolve in a month whether to regulate or ban electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) after medical groups raised health concerns on its use.
Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go, director-general of the FDA, said inputs presented in a public hearing yesterday as well as position papers of various stakeholders on e-cigarettes will be considered in the decision.
"The regulators will study these and come back to you in a period of one month's time with a clear position of what we need to do as far as this item is concerned," Go said.
In April 2013, the FDA issued an advisory that it has "not registered any electronic cigarette product and will not register them as health products." The FDA also said in the advisory that e-cigarettes violate Republic Act (RA) 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 since it promotes smoking among children and the youth.

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USPS Changes and Updates

On July 28th, 2013, USPS will implement minor structural changes to their existing services.  Postage rates will not be increasing for any existing service.  The changes being made include the following:
  • Express Mail service will have its name changed to Priority Mail Express service
  • Express Mail International service will have its name changed to Priority Mail Express International service
  • Shipping labels printed with Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express service will include a printed estimate of the delivery day

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cigarettes Avoided Banner Updated

By popular request we have updated our Cigarettes Avoided Banner. We have implemented the 2 following changes:

  • Added a new dark colored banner
  • Added HTML code for greater support and ease of use
You can update your existing banner code by clicking here

E-cigarette technology is ahead of the laws

Jul 26, 2013 by 
E-cigaretteLaguna Beach restaurant owners are coping with customers who choose to boot up battery-powered, vapor-emanating electronic cigarettes in the absence of rules governing use of the devices.
Some restaurant managers see customers "vaping," a term connected with the e-cigarettes, which vaporize a liquid solution of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin that contains nicotine and flavorings.
"Is it legal or illegal? No one knows," said Fouad Ziady, general manager of Las Brisas restaurant, which overlooks the ocean. "We don't have a problem [with customers using e-cigarettes], but there's a no-smoking ordinance in the city."
Laguna Beach does not have any laws pertaining to e-cigarette use, according to John Montgomery, the city's community development director. But e-cigarette regulation could be on the way if state legislators adopt a bill put forward by Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett (D-East Bay).

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Njoy Hunts For PR Support To Boost E-Cigarettes

Jul 25, 2013 by 
NJOYLONDON--E-cigarette maker Njoy is searching for PR support in the UK ahead of a major marketing push aimed at boosting sales in a growing market.
The US-based company is understood to have contacted a handful of global PR networks in London regarding its business PR needs.
Founded in 2006, Njoy leads the US e-cigarette market, which is expected to triple this year to more than $2bn. Earlier this year, the company raised more than $75m in financing from an investor group that included Napster founder Sean Parker.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spinfuel’s Guide to Vaping - Steeping eJuice

Jul 24, 2013 by 

Ejuice Steeping

Everything you need to know about steeping…By Tom McBride
This article is geared toward new Vapers that click on one of the vendors that appear in Spinfuel and other vaping publications, either in a review or an advertisement, and buy e-Liquids from an e-Liquid vendor. “
With precious few exceptions every bottle of eJuice you purchase online needs to be home steeped before you can realize the full potential of the juice. Without steeping an e-Liquid does not have a chance to become the e-Liquid it’s creator wants it to be. So, not matter what you’ve been told, if you buy it online, from an e-Liquid vendor, you will benefit from doing a little steeping at home.
There are a lot of interesting facts, ideas, and observations below, but if you’re in a hurry, or you simply want to know what this whole steeping this is and how you can do it, and nothing more, I’ll cut to the chase. If you want to stick around afterward and learn more about it, then please do. If not, well, enjoy the rest of your day. – TM
The Sensible and Effective Way to Steep eJuice
The idea is to age your e-Liquid. Period. The best way to do that is simple, effective, and doesn’t require a bunch of fancy steps, and it works for ALL e-Liquids, not just certain categories.
  • Take your bottle of fresh e-Liquid and shake really well and then open it.
  • Then screw the cap back on and shake again. Place in a dark area. A medicine cabinet will do, so will a closet, or even a shoebox, anywhere inside your home or office is where it is, or should be, dark.
  • Leave it alone for a week.
  • Done.

EU wants to stub e-cigarette businesses out

Jul 24, 2013 by 
e-cigarettesThere’s a new craze sweeping the nation. Adults partaking have formed clubs and meet regularly to indulge. It’s happening on streets, on public transport, in local boozers: anywhere. It’s called vaping.
It doesn’t sound like a terribly agreeable habit - but before you jump to conclusions, it refers to using an electronic cigarette. Vaping is the new - 'safe' - smoking.
E-cigarettes come in various forms: some are designed to look like real cigarettes, others are simply elaborate metal tubes, but both work in the same way. They contain ‘e-liquid’ capsules - nicotine disolved in propylene glycol or glycerine. When turned on (powered by batteries), the devices produce a vapour, which is inhaled (hense 'vaping').
Despite the fact that the long-term effects of smoking e-cigarettes are still unclear, they have become popular with smokers eager to give up, partly because they've been deemed ‘as dangerous as a cup of coffee’ thanks to the absence of tar. Some have claimed if all smokers switched, millions of lives would be saved.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CCVapes Eliquid Review Beechwood by 411Vapes

An eliquid review of Crystal Canyon Vapes Beechwood Tobacco by 411Vapes

Visit for more great reviews and vaoing information


Honey Tobacco
Beechwood brings together a bright Tobacco with rich golden Honey. This eliquid is slightly sweet and has nutty tones that blend perfectly with Honey and Tobacco.
Truly a smooth tasting vape that provides a natural sweetness and isn't bold or harsh.

Flavor profile: Light Tobacco, Honey, Nutty, Smooth

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Vapor Joes - Daily Vaping Deals: NEW ODY CLONE: ITHAKA - $35.22

Vapor Joes - Daily Vaping Deals: NEW ODY CLONE: ITHAKA - $35.22: ...its Fasttech The Ithaka is the latest victim in the clone wares. The Ithaka ody clone just popped on fasttech and ... Read More...

Electronic Cigarettes - Let’s Think Before We Inhale

Jul 22, 2013 by 
electronic cigarettesLet's pause and think before we inhale the hype of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). As is the case with conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes deliver nicotine, an addictive drug. Beyond their addictive quality, the health consequences of e-cigarettes are largely unknown. Before we jump on the bandwagon of promotion, let's consider the facts:
Fact: Addiction is a complex brain disease involving a wide range of addictive drugs including nicotine with enormous costs to individuals and society. Addiction in all of its forms accounts for one-third of all hospital inpatient costs and drives more than 70 other diseases requiring medical attention.
Fact: 95 percent of cases of addiction involving nicotine originate with substance use before age 21; the younger the age of initiation, the greater the likelihood of addiction.

Dramatic Rise of E-Cigarettes Continues

Jul 22, 2013 by 
NEW YORK -- Electronic cigarettes have continued to pick up steam, with Lorillard Inc.'s blu leading the way.
Blu eCigs
In Wells Fargo Securities LLC's recent "Tobacco Talk" survey, 80 percent of respondents indicated the category accelerated in the second quarter vs. the first quarter with annual growth topping 30 percent. "Tobacco Talk" surveys tobacco retailers and wholesaler contacts representing more than 45,000convenience stores.
"Retailers have become incrementally more positive on [e-cigarettes] and continue to praise blu noting that its advertising and marketing efforts are driving growth to the entire category," said Bonnie Herzog, managing director of tobacco, beverage and consumer research at Wells Fargo Securities.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

CCVapes Eliquid Review Tombstone by 411Vapes

An eliquid review of Tombstone Tobacco by 411Vapes


Like you, we've searched for the perfect tobacco and set out to create a satisfying blend. The result was Tombstone.
This a rich blend of tobacco flavors. It has minimal sweetness. It is bold and slightly savory. Without being overly complex, this tobacco offers a unique flavor sure to satisfy.

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NJOY: The E-Cigarette That Aims To Snuff Out Smoking

Jul 18, 2013 by 
NJOYOver the past couple of years, electronic cigarettes have triggered a quiet revolution in the world of nicotine. For hundreds of years, nicotine consumption meant tobacco combustion – and for more than a century, cigarettes have been the dominant form of nicotine delivery device. Over the past decade and a half, nicotine patches and gum have been widely available, and there is even a drug, Varenicline – sold in the US under the brand name Chantix – to help smokers kick the habit. But almost a sixth of the U.S. population still smokes – in part because none of the alternatives mimics the usage pattern and satisfaction smokers derive from their habit. That’s where the electronic cigarette comes in. I recently spoke with Andrew Beaver, Chief Marketing Officer of NJOY, an e-cigarette brand on a mission.
Marc E. Babej: Where did the electronic cigarette come from?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Vapor Joes - Daily Vaping Deals: EXCLUSIVE: RAINBOW HEAVEN ELITE IN BLACK - $44.60 ...

Vapor Joes - Daily Vaping Deals: EXCLUSIVE: RAINBOW HEAVEN ELITE IN BLACK - $44.60 ...: ....its Whitestagvapor Rainbow Heaven Elite - Black and Silver available Whitestagvapor is offering the Rainbow heaven elite hy...

VAMO 3 Affordable, reliable and just this side of ugly?

Jul 18, 2013 by 
Vamo v3

The VAMO, a much-loved APV from Fasttech has legions of fans all over the Vaping Universe. With good reason I might add. It is dependable, versatile, and cheap. Well, not cheap, let’s just say inexpensive. There’s just something inherently ‘good’ about a VAMO, and with the VAMO 3 Fasttech has made some great improvements, and a couple of missteps too. Consensus has it that it is also ugly as all get out. I personally don’t think it’s ugly, I think it’s unique looking…different…certainly not just a face a mother could love.
Because of all the hoopla surrounding the 2nd annual July is eJuice Month we’ve neglected some long overdue hardware reviews, and the VAMO 3 is one of them.
I’ve been using my new VAMO 3 for just about 3 weeks now, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. Rather than wait until August to publish a review I decided to give it a slot in July so we could inform our readers that if they’ve been holding off on upgrading their VAMO 2 or some other mod, you don’t have to. The VAMO 3 is one heck of an APV and if you don’t mind the curvy lines (rifling) on the body, and there is no reason you should, there’s no reason not to love one, buy one, use one. Where else can you get so much for so little?
Before discussing my own real world usage I thought I’d go over the full feature list of the $56 mod.
VAMO 3 Features\Specifications List:
  • Variable voltage: Adjust the voltage output from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in 0.1-volt increments.
  • Variable wattage: Set the preferred wattage (from 3 to 15 watts) and the VAMO V3 will adjust the voltage automatically no matter what atomizer you use.
  • RMS Out: RMS provides a more accurate voltage output.
  • 510 Threaded: Compatible with 510 atomizers, cartomizers, Vision Ego Clearomizer 2.0, eGo CE4 PLUS V2, Vision Vivi Nova Tanks, SMOKTech DCTank and Kanger Clearomizer
  • Can be used with single 18650, single 18350 or two 18350 (flat top)
  • Atomizer resistance check
  • Battery power check
Vamo v3 via Vapor Joes

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Kangertech Responds to Evod Battery Recall

Jul 19, 2013 by 
Evod, Recall

Editors Note: When the recall released I immediately contacted Kangertech. I just now received this email response from Kangertech.

About Evod battery issue:
KangerTech is voluntarily recalling all EVOD batteries purchased through Heaven Gifts, that were supplied between the end of March and beginning of April. While only a few batteries may be affected, we are recalling the entire batch of 6000 EVOD batteries.
We were recently made aware of an issue with an EVOD battery sold through Haven Gifts, an official KangerTech distributor. After extensive research, we found a potential issue with the internal cell used in the manufacturing of the EVOD, which could fail during the charging of the battery. These EVOD batteries were manufactured between the end of March to early April, and were only distributed to Heaven Gifts.

Crystal Canyon Vapes eLiquid Review by Darth Vapor

Crystal Canyon Vapes eLiquid Review by Darth Vapor

Geneva and Islander

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E-Cigarette Vendors and Makers Fret As Government Officials Plan to Regulate Their Industry

Jul 18, 2013 by 
They come to Paul Davey for help every day. Most have little to no knowledge of the electronic smoking world and just stare, wide-eyed and perplexed, at the devices behind the glass: batteries, flavored e-cigarette liquid, chambers to hold liquids, mouthpieces. They're smokers—some lifers, some short-timers—who all have the same plea: They need to quit. "They'll say, 'I smoke seven [cigarettes] a day, and I've been trying to use these electronic ones, but I have no idea what's in it. I just know you buy it, you use it, and you throw it away.'"
Blu eCigs
He tells them his story. "I smoked for 27 years," he says, "and I bought my first e-cigarette online. Within a week, I had quit." Within a year, armed with his pharmaceutical background, he opened up the Vapor Loft in Orange. He sells all the necessary bits and bobs to start "vaping," the term used by e-cigarette users. But he also set out to educate customers in a community riddled with bad information, explaining everything from why it's called vaping (the devices create a water vapor that can be inhaled) to troubleshooting questions to helping them choose the right e-liquid. When the Vapor Loft opened in 2012, there were only a couple of such shops; now, Orange County is home to around 60, one of the highest concentrations of e-cig businesses in the United States.

Crystal Canyon Vapes: 310 to Yuma Review by 411Vapes

Crystal Canyon Vapes: 310 to Yuma Eliquid Review by 411Vapes

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Crystal Canyon Vapes: Islander Review by 411Vapes

Crystal Canyon Vapes: Islander Review by 411Vapes

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FDA faces important decisions on regulation of e-cigarettes

Jul 17, 2013 by 
e-cigarettesThe FDA faces a dilemma as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, grow in popularity, according to researchers.
The agency initially tried to block the sale of e-cigarettes, claiming that they were unapproved “drug/device combinations.” Manufacturers successfully challenged the FDA's position, but in a 2010 ruling, a federal appeals court held that e-cigarettes could be regulated by the agency as tobacco products.
In 2010, 11.4% of U.S. smokers report ever using an e-cigarette, and 4.1% report using one within the last 30 days, the most recent data from two surveys that involved more than 6,000 people indicate. In the city of Boston, 28 permits to sell e-cigarettes were given out in June 2013, compared with only three in June 2012.
Yet many of the alleged benefits of e-cigarettes are unproven and tighter regulations to ensure the quality of the product are needed to protect public safety.

Monday, July 15, 2013

E-cigarettes an emerging alternative

Jul 15, 2013 by 
E-cigarettes remain in a regulatory haze in Illinois.E-cigarettes
The one bill sent to Gov. Pat Quinn in the spring legislative session bans sale of the cigarette alternative to anyone younger than 18. But the debate continues on just how to regulate e-cigarettes.
About all that both sides agree on is that some type of regulation is coming with the growing popularity of the products.
“I expect there will be some things to come as more vapor stores are opening online and in communities,” said Niki Castleman, who opened Tribble Vapors at 2413 Denver Drive in Springfield last spring.
Tribble Vapors is among the first group of e-cigarette retail outlets in the region. The shop is named for Castleman’s partner in the business.
Castleman lives in St. Louis but stays with family in Springfield as needed to take care of the shop. Herself a smoker for nearly 30 years, Castleman said there are probably 15 to 20 e-cigarette shops in the St. Louis metro area.
“It’s just growing in leaps and bounds,” said Castleman, who also uses her products.
Bloomberg News reported in June e-cigarette sales are expected to hit $1 billion within a few years.
Awaiting FDA

Ballistic reviewed by 411Vapes

Crystal Canyon Vapes: Ballistic review by 411Vapes

Electronic Cigarettes: Critics slam e-cigarette classification

Jul 15, 2013 by 
electronic cigarettesSmokeless electronic cigarettes could be taken off the European market because of a "short-sighted" vote in the European Parliament that will classify them as a medicinal product, according to critics.

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CCVapes New Flavor Release: Treviso - Creamy Tiramisu


Creamy Tiramisu

Our Tiramisu starts off with sweet creamy Custard and blended with a light Liqueur. Combined with our bold Espresso, we then finish it off with rich Cocoa. When these flavors come together, you have a semi sweet Italian favorite. The contrast of sweetness and Coffee gives this flavor a good balance.

Flavor profile: Semi Sweet, Cream, Custard, Espresso, Cocoa