Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Flavor: Baja Juice

CCVapes has released a new flavor! Baja Juice: Blackberry Mojito

Mojito eliquid

Baja Juice is our spin on a classic Mojito flavor. We've blended zesty, tangy Lime with a small amount of Mint to create a bright mouth watering flavor!
This eliquid is balanced with a blend of sweet Blackberry and hints of Coconut that compliment each other for a unique taste.
The Mint has no cooling effect and adds some subtle tones. You may not always taste the Coconut and thats how we do it here in the South West!
You wont have to travel far to find a unique and zesty Mojito flavor thats sure to be an all day vape!

Flavor profile: Lime, Mojito, Blackberry, Coconut, Tangy, Crisp