Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Can The PG/VG Ratio in Your E-Liquid Affect Your Vape Tank?

At one time crafting e-juice from scratch was a hobby I enjoyed that taught me a lot about what goes into the juices we vape. From the flavorings to the nicotine to the PG/VG ratio, composing a good juice was about understanding the role these substances played and balancing them according to personal preference and purpose. Whether it's clouds or flavor, pen or sub ohm tank, the ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) form the basis of the effectiveness juice can have on the user's experience. With this knowledge, I would like to help you understand the difference in PG and VG, and how the ratio of the two can affect flavor and clouds depending on what type of device is being used.

Propylene glycol is a man-made chemical developed for use in everything from soaps and deodorant to inhalers and nebulizers. Very few people suffer a mild allergy to the substance and for this reason look to juices that have more VG. However, the FDA has labeled the substance to be "generally recognized as safe" for use in food, having anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties that help to balance the organic nature of vegetable glycerin. Its solubility makes it the ideal base for the flavorings used in e-juices, and nearly all the most popular flavorings that companies use come pre-mixed into a solution of PG. For this reason, PG is known as the flavor carrying agent in e-juices, as it has a smaller molecular structure that allows the molecules in the flavoring itself to be more easily integrated. The amount of PG you want in your juice depends on what type of tank used and the desired experience. Flavor chasers will look for a juice that contains an equal balance of the two. In tanks that produce less vapor such as the smaller skinnier vape pen tanks, a thinner more flavor-heavy juice is needed to offset the lack of cloud production and wicking capability. Propylene glycol itself does not adversely affect Pyrex or plastic tanks, but it should be noted that acidic juices with higher amounts of PG will contain a stronger concentration of flavor and could potentially crack the tank. The thinness of PG allows these tanks to properly wick the juice.

Vegetable glycerin is naturally derived from plants and is the substance that works to produce clouds. While it does have flavor carrying capabilities, it is less effective to this end. For those of us who chase clouds, less of the flavoring agent is required as the amount of vapor big sub-ohm tanks produce have the volume necessary for flavorful hits. On setups designed for cloud production, a mix with too much PG will be so thin that spit back may occur as the wick becomes over-saturated too quickly. Generally, those looking for cloud production go for a juice with the highest amount of VG possible. MODs equipped with bigger tanks have the power and wicking ability to handle juices heavy with vg, and these larger tanks provide enough room for the thicker liquid to disperse. Most large tanks are made with Pyrex or glass, neither of which will be adversely affected by VG. However, some of these are being coated with cheap paint that can chip off, so avoid using these altogether. Beware of juices claiming to be 100% VG as the flavorings themselves are based in PG, so achieving a pure vg mix is nearly impossible. But depending on the amount of flavoring used some juices can have as much as 90 percent vegetable glycerin in their mix.

Understanding these properties should help you to more accurately choose the ratio of PG/VG you need depending on the type of tank and your preference of cloud vs. flavor production. Remember that not all juices and tanks are the same so your personal satisfaction relies on properly balancing the two to achieve the desired experience.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Key Largo E-Liquid At Crystal Canyon Vapes

The pie filling is smooth and creamy lending sweetness to contrast with the tart citrus. Generously layered on top of a rich Graham Cracker pie crust.
Born in the Florida Keys and delivered to your door, this classic dessert can be enjoyed year round. So sit down, relax and enjoy this southern treat!

Flavor profile: Tart, Lime, Citrus, Graham Cracker, Slightly Sweet, Creamy

Friday, May 12, 2017

International Vaping Laws to Be Aware Of

In addition to its proven and possible health benefits, vaping allows many options that smoking does not. You can decide how much or how little nicotine you want or leave it out completely. There is an endless amount of flavor combinations to suit your mood and taste. And the vaping devices can be customized to suit your style. One of the main benefits that vaping offers that traditional cigarettes do not is more choices of where you can use them. However, when looking at vaping around the world, there may be a few places on the different continents where you must leave your device in its case. In some places, it is not that you can't vape, but there may not be regulations, so the hardware, e-liquids, and/or accessories are not sold in the local stores.

Vaping in South America

Here in the United States, vape products are allowed, but there are laws put into place to prevent selling to minors, even if the e-juice doesn't contain tobacco. Selling from vending machines is forbidden as are free samples. An ID must be supplied by anyone buying a vape product who claims to be between 18 and 27 years of age. Also, in many places the same rules apply for vaping as smoking. So, you will often find that you can't smoke in enclosed public areas, especially restaurants and bars or in open public areas where smoking is banned.

The case in Rio, Brazil is that it is illegal to sell vapes and accessories there. So, if you are there with your vaping device and you want to replace or buy liquid or accessories for it, then you might have to try to get it online.

In Argentina, it’s been illegal to import, sell, or advertise vaping products since 2011. This may be because it would interfere with the country's huge cigarette market. The official statement is that they don't believe there is enough scientific evidence proving that it is safe. Using an e-cigarette however seems to be OK, but it is just not a guarantee that you will be able to find one there.

In Bolivia, it is unclear whether vaping is not allowed or if it just can't be marketed, so bring your own supply if you cannot go without it, and hope for the best.

Vaping in Africa

In Africa, it is largely unclear whether vaping is legal in some countries. In Kenya, they are legal, and in Zimbabwe it is legal.

In South Africa, vaping is all the rage with more people quitting smoking and turning to vaping. Non-nicotine vaping is encouraged over using an e-cig containing nicotine, which is officially not allowed. You can still buy them, but at your own risk of course. In Egypt, e-cigs are banned, but vaping is not.

Vaping in Australia

Australia allows vaping as well as the buying and selling of the products and accessories, so long as no nicotine is involved. However, you can still order e-liquids online and have them delivered to you there. Officially, it has been announced that the ban on e-cigs will continue in 2017. The opinions of health experts are divided on this, however. Some say that vaping could lead to cigarette smoking, and others think it is a good way to quit smoking. This has been proven by the thousands of ex-smokers who turned to vaping to help them quit.

Vaping in Europe

In Europe it is legal to vape, but there are clear guidelines in place. These laws came into effect or began being more heavily upheld as of May 2017. Nicotine liquids over 20mg or L in strength will be banned unless you get it by prescription as will refill bottles containing more than 10ml. The prices on vaping products have gone up or will go up in cost, and this could lead to more people being reluctant to switch to vaping and saving their health.

Oddly, in Finland, the only e-liquids allowed are the tobacco flavors, and it is illegal to order over the internet.

In Russia, it is either allowed or unclear. In some areas, the sale and use of vapes containing nicotine are not allowed.

Vaping in Asia

In Asia, the laws vary. It is officially banned in Indonesia, but there are vape cafes, and they are sold publicly. You probably don't have to worry if you pack a supply in your luggage that's going under the plane, but do this at your own risk because some people have had their supply confiscated.

In Afghanistan, vaping is legal. In Iraq, it is unclear, and in Iran it is unclear but seems to be banned. In India, vaping is legal.

In China, even though this is the main country that produces e-liquid, it is illegal, and you could be fined. E-cigs are legal though just without the nicotine.

In Hong Kong, it is illegal to sell, use, or possess e-cigs containing nicotine.

In Japan, there is a ban on the sale of nicotine refills for e-cigs. Everything else is allowed.

In Malaysia, e-cigs will become legal after a complete ban previously. The entire industry will be monitored closely to ensure the quality and lower the risk of products that are hazardous to health. What this means though is that buying and selling vape products over the internet may be put to an end. Also, e-liquids containing nicotine will only be accessible through a doctor's prescription. In Singapore, it is completely illegal to sell, import, or even use vaping devices personally. So, if you want to pack a personal supply in your luggage that is not likely to be searched, do so at your own risk because these laws are heavily enforced.

US Vape Companies That Export

Vape companies in the United States that ship to other countries may notice restrictions in some countries, and their shipments to customers will have to meet the laws of that country, but there is still a place in the market for them. In some cases, they may only be able to sell certain size refills or restricted levels of nicotine. Also, by 2018, a label will be required on the outside of the package stating the contents of the package. The recipient will have to show age verification when signing for the package. Products exported overseas cannot be the same products sold in the U.S..

From the evidence gathered, it seems clear that where vaping is not allowed, it is because:
1) No one has put enough thought into looking deeper into it and creating regulations.
2) It is a threat to the country's tobacco deals.
3) It could be hazardous to your health or dangerous. There have been some reports of explosions, though this is rare and is usually due to poorly assembled devices or cheap products.
4) Only brands are allowed that have setup a business deal with the country as is the case in South Korea where only certain brands of e-cigarettes are banned while others can be purchased and used there.


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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tips for Increasing Vapor Production from Your MOD

Having an increased amount of vapor is the sure way to get the most out of your vaping experience. To achieve this, your battery must be able to put out the required power safely and the only way it can do that is by using sub-ohms. Batteries also can only provide a safe amount of current. This is referred to as the amp limit. So, make sure that you are aware that if you intend to utilize a MOD that requires its own battery, ensure that its battery's amp limit is continuous.

For those of you who have a more regulated and modern MOD that comes with a battery built-in, then you can enjoy all the vape you want without worrying. With that said, here are a few tips for increasing vapor production from your MOD.

Higher Power = Higher Vapor Amount

When using a basic device, the user must be aware that the only type of atomizer they can use is one with higher resistance that sends a fixed voltage. Although this will allow an increased amount of vapor through your technique of pulling, there is nothing else that you will be able to do to improve it. On the other hand, there are many other devices that do have the capabilities to increase the amount of vapor.

Besides that, the minimum you should pay for a VV/VW MOD is $50 to achieve maximum vapor. But if you want to spend a little more, you will experience a vaping session like no other.

Purchase the Best Atomizer Possible

We cannot stress enough of how important your atomizer has to be for the production of vapor. Therefore, most vapers stick to the sub-ohm atomizer tanks because of their coils being low resistance; so, they can tolerate the increased power that the coil requires. The use of sub-ohm tanks will be your best bet.

The type of atomizer that you want to stay away from is the clearomizer. This is because you won't receive the desired amount of vapor that you are looking for. What it all boils down to is the fact that having an atomizer that is higher than CE5 is ideal for blowing the most clouds.

Keep Your Wattage High

Keeping your wattage high will produce a higher amount of vapor. This is because if you have a higher amount of electricity flowing through the coil, you will have a higher amount of liquid that gets vaporized, causing a higher amount of vapor to be produced.

You must be careful though or you will easily destroy the coils. To prevent any damage to your coils, start out on a low setting and increase it gradually until you reach a comfortable setting.

The reasoning behind the use of wattage versus voltage is because wattage is more widely used. Wattage also considers the amount of coil resistance and makes proper adjustments. This is good to know because if your voltage is the same for two coils, the performance will be different if the resistance is also different, but your wattage will give the same performance though.

Airflow Is Key

It is guaranteed that the more airflow you have, the more vapor you will create. If you have very low airflow, but are still able to obtain a lot of vapor, then you are likely running hot with a high amount of concentrate. This could create a very unpleasant experience. If you simply increase the airflow, you will instantly get more vapor as well as cool vapor, too. More importantly, you want your vape to be cool if you intend to use a higher wattage.

The point is to create a balance and finding your comfort zone. To find the balance you might want, to begin with, a warmer vapor created with a completely open airflow may not be a good choice. This could cause your cloud to appear weak. It could also cause the flavor to be reduced tremendously, but if you are not in it for the taste, then keeping your airflow wide open won't matter to you.

If anything else, while vaping it is important that you at least have an adjustable airflow setting for your atomizer. Today, many of the atomizers available have these settings, so being able to create a lot of vapor will no longer be a problem.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Build the Best Dominant E-Cig Kit to Fit Your Tastes Without A Big Waste

Newbie vapers with serious desire to extract full benefit from e-cigarettes must have a basic grasp of various tasks required to build the best starter kit from scratch. Below is an overview of how to create a customized, high-quality e-cig kit that lasts a long while but won't break your budget. But before we get into that, realize that it is an investment at first, but in the long-run, it is well worth the money. To really put it into perspective, you will never realize such savings from $5.99 disposable e-cigs. For the best deal on a custom-built starter kit, heed the helpful hints below: 
Begin with The Battery - Variously called "chambers," batteries are the most vital components of e-cig kits. Shaped like long cylinders to resemble conventional cigarettes, e-cig battery designs represent a large range of sizes, colors and capacities. The single most important spec is battery life. Look for at least 280 mAh to get roughly 300 puffs from a full charge. Anything less is likely to yield more frustration from time wasted on frequent recharges than savoring your favorite nicotine taste sensation.
Chargers - A close second runner up to the battery is the e-cig charger. Most starter kits include a USB charger but some come with a plug-in wall or car adapter. Electrical wall outlets recharge much faster than USB or car chargers. Whichever charging device(s) you decide best will suit your lifestyle, verify that the cord that leads to the battery's bottom is long enough to let you vape while recharging.
Cartomizers vs. Cartridges - Most beginner kits include several disposable cartridges, each prefilled with 1 ml of e-liquid. A better pick is a starter kit with two refillable cartomizers and a complementary bottle of e-liquid. This affords a much wider variety of flavors that come in a higher quantity of controllable quality.
E-Liquid that sits inside a cartomizer is partially vaporized with every puff, thus gradually losing freshness and flavor. Thanks to transparent Pyrex tanks, remaining e-liquid level is visible. This gives you the ability to pour in just enough and let the unused portion "steep" in a refrigerated bottle to keep it fresh and strong each time you vape. Besides that, simple math will quickly reveal great savings gained from every refill.
We hope these tips help you on your joureny to building the best vape starter kit possible from Crystal Canyon Vapes.