Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Abiding By The International Vaping Rules: Australia

With some of the strictest laws in the world when it comes to nicotine, Australia can be quite confusing when it comes to the rules of vaping. Even though vaping is not a tobacco product, some parts of Australia still throw e-cigarettes and other vaping devices in with cigarettes as illegal products.

Nicotine: A Poison?
In Australia, the substance nicotine is classified as a highly dangerous poison. This classification can make it very difficult to know where you stand as a vaper per Australian law. As vaping is a new technology, Australian law is still a bit ambiguous when it comes to its feelings toward nicotine in vape juices. Currently, Australia leaves laws specific to vaping up to each state.

State by State: Vaping Regulations
As of now, each state within Australia has its own laws when it comes to vaping. As it stands, vaping is completely illegal in Queensland. In Victoria, vaping products that contain nicotine are only legal when the person has a medical certificate. In the rest of Australia, vaping with or without a juice containing nicotine is legal although some states require the person to be above the age of 18.

Purchasing Vaping Products in Australia
Even though many states do allow vaping with nicotine, that doesn't mean that you can find a vape shop nearby that will sell you e-liquid with nicotine in it. In fact, in Australia, it is illegal to sell e-liquid products that contain nicotine. If you vape without nicotine, that is no problem as vape shops once again can sell nicotine-free juices. What is legal, luckily, is to purchase e-liquid products that contain nicotine from overseas retailers. Because the selling of nicotine products is legal in most other countries, you are legally allowed to purchase your juice from an international seller and have it shipped directly to your door.

Choosing the Right International Juice Retailer
Of course, having to purchase your juice products from an international online source poses its own challenges. Anyone can create a website that sells e-juice, whether they create quality products and have good shipping practices is another thing. Therefore, you should find an online international retailer that you can trust.

Crystal Canyon Vapes
Based in the United States, Crystal Canyon Vapes has become the premier international source for e-liquid products. Thanks to our incredibly high standards of manufacturing and shipping, Australians can rest assured that they are receiving a quality product that will be delivered safely and in a timely manner. Plus, we provide generous shipping discounts for bulk orders. Crystal Canyon Vapes creates exceptional e-juice products with high quality ingredients. Because our e-liquids are manufactured in a professional and sterile environment, you can trust that we'll deliver on quality as well as flavor. Plus, we offer sample packs at an affordable cost, allowing you to try a variety of e-juices for a fraction of the price. As for shipping, Crystal Canyon Vapes offers a guarantee on packages that are delivered to Australia. Because the packages are dispatched within 24 hours, and because we work closely with customs laws, Australian customers receive their orders in less than two weeks. In fact, many Australian customers receive their orders in as little as nine days.

Despite the somewhat confusing Australian laws regarding vaping, you can still purchase quality products and receive them in a timely manner thanks to reputable international retailers such as Crystal Canyon Vapes.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

International Customers Matter To Crystal Canyon Vapes

When shopping for vape products online, it is hard not to feel like you're taking a gamble. This is especially true if you're purchasing your products from an international supplier. Between ever-changing shipping costs, tricky customs policies, and unpredictable lengths of delivery time, it is no wonder so many people avoid purchasing vape products internationally.

However, here at Crystal Canyon Vapes, we are trying to change the way in which we view shopping internationally. Located in Arizona, Crystal Canyon Vapes has earned a reputation for providing incomparable service when it comes to taking care of its international customers.

About Crystal Canyon Vapes
Family-owned and operated, Crystal Canyon Vapes has been providing outstanding service to vape enthusiasts around the world for 4 years operating. Understanding the challenges faced by international customers, we have developed strict standards of practice when it comes to meeting the needs of vapers from places like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Premier Juice Suppliers
In addition to our dedication to international customers, our team is known for their exceptional e-juice products. One of the biggest struggles of shopping online for e-liquids is not knowing what to expect in terms of quality and flavor. Understanding this concern, Crystal Canyon Vapes holds themselves to the highest standards when creating their e-liquid products. All the e-juices sold on our website are made in a completely sterile and professional environment and manufactured with only the highest quality of ingredients. Plus, we offer sample packs at affordable prices, allowing customers around the world to try out a variety of flavors before committing to a full-size product.

Exceptional Selection of Hardware
Crystal CanyonVapes is also known for their extensive selection of hardware. From e-cig starter kits to coils, to RDAs to chargers, we carry what you need. With a good-sized inventory, we specialize in hardware products that are hard to find elsewhere.

Outstanding Shipping Practices
Knowing that the idea of international shipping makes many customers nervous, Crystal Canyon Vapes offers guaranteed delivery. In fact, orders sent to Australia often arrive in only 9-12 days. That's because we work closely with customs to ensure that packages arrive as quickly as possible. Plus, orders are almost always dispatched within 24 hours and tracking information is available to customers around the world. Those who are worried about ordering multiple glass bottles of e-juice for instance can be rest assured that their packages will arrive safely. Glass bottles are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that they won't break during the delivery process.

Shipping Discounts
Because so many Crystal Canyon Vapes customers like to order in bulk, orders over $75 are eligible for free domestic shipping or $18 flat rate shipping for overseas customers.

With so many unreliable vape suppliers on the internet, it is a relief to know that Crystal Canyon Vapes is committed to providing excellent customer service to customers around the world. Our incredibly high standards when it comes to our products, as well as the shipping practices, ensures that customers from every location can all enjoy exceptional service equally.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

3 Methods For Having A Proper Sub-Ohm Vaping Session

Sub-ohm vaping is the art of vaping with coils that have a resistance of below 1 Ohm. This type vaping is popular among seasoned vapers who are looking for enhanced flavor and a greater vapor output. However, for them to achieve all the perks of sub-ohm vaping, there are certain things that need to be done. For those who are ready to enter this realm, here are 3 methods to ensure that you have a fulfilling sub-ohm session once you have the MOD picked out that is sub-ohm compatible (Note: if the MOD itself is not sub-ohm compatible, it will not perform properly below 1 Ohm and even worse, damage the device and possibly cause injury, too) 

Direct Lung Vaping
When getting into the sub-ohm vaping world, it is important to understand that the right technique for this type of vaping is the direct lung vaping. You must learn the art of inhaling directly into your lungs instead of inhaling to your mouth first. One of the greatest benefits of this method is stronger a throat hit as you exhale.

Choosing an E-Liquid
To have a great sub-ohm vaping experience, you must choose the right e-liquid from Crystal Canyon Vapes. With sub-ohm vaping, even if you were a heavy smoker, you will not need that much nicotine to get the satisfaction needed. A good rule of thumb is to go for anything that is below 6mL. Remember, with this type of vaping style, you draw power directly from the batteries. For this reason, papid vaporization of e-juice happens, leading to the production of vapor at the same time. Therefore, you will only need a small amount of nicotine. Any amount above 6mL will lead to a harsh throat. Additionally, when selecting the liquid to use for this, you need to check the PG/VG ratio. PG is responsible for carrying the flavor, hence, a great in throat hit. But because better throat hit is the reason for sub-ohm vaping, you will not need a lot of PG. What you will need though is a VG ratio of above 70%. Vegetable Glycerine is viscous and is responsible for the production of massive clouds, which am sure is what you are looking for.

Sub-ohm vaping uses a lot of power. Therefore, you must be willing to invest in a powerful battery. Sure, there are cheap batteries out there, but they are not worth it. They will not support the performance of your MOD(s), and you must keep changing them. And in the worst-case scenario, they might explode and cause you injuries and damages. So, always go for sub-ohm batteries from a reputable manufacturer. Also, ensure that they have a high-power output of about 200 Watts. Let no one deceive you into buying MODs with cheap pre-built batteries. Most of the cheap sub-ohm devices use low-quality lithium-ion batteries, which become vulnerable to exploding.

Seeing vapers chasing clouds will get you wishing that you could do the same, and the only way to do so is through the art of sub-ohm vaping. However, to get a great sub-ohm experience, you must observe safety, use the right e-liquid, have the right batteries and MODs, and know the right vaping technique for doing this.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Commonly Overlooked Issue- Overheating of MODs

As vapers move up the experience level, there comes the need to have more control over one's vape. This is the reason why MODs are the vaping device of choice among the most experiencedvapers. Besides, they allow modders (vapers who use and are into vape MODs) the flexibility to vape on very high wattages, thus, increasing the warmth of the vape. This is important in achieving a throat hit that’s more robust. Other than control, MODs are loved for their aesthetics, not to mention longevity. I could go on and on- giving the advantages of using them, but that’s a topic for another day.
Today, I’d like to discuss a commonly overlooked issue- overheating of MODs. When MODs overheat, they could lead to dry hits, which are unpleasant, to say the least. Overheating could also lead to burns. Therefore, it’s crucial that every modder learns how to avoid overheating their devices.
Check for Functionality of Your Locking Component
When purchasing a MOD, it’s important to ensure that the lock system is functioning properly. Also, with continued use, you need to ensure that the lock continues to serve its purpose. The reason for this is to prevent accidental firing. Otherwise, there’ll be nothing to prevent the coils from firing up. This could lead to overheating and in serious cases, there could be an explosion. So, why not just ensure a functional lock before you purchase your MOD.
MOD Ventilation
Ventilation is a crucial component of every MOD. The more ventilation the device has, the better. Ventilation in MODs helps in the exchange of air. Hot air goes out as cool air comes in. If your MOD has poor ventilation, it could be the root cause of overheating. So, how will you know if your MOD has ample ventilation? It's simple. Blow into your MOD and check for the presence of vents, where air goes through. The more the merrier.
Battery Status
The status of your batteries is key in preventing overheating. You need to ensure that your batteries are properly charged at all times, no exceptions. Ensure that your MOD batteries don't run too low before you can charge them. Also, when charging them, ensure that you keep checking so you don't end up overcharging. Consequently, you’ll have an overheating problem. Additionally, it’s important that you avoid using your MOD while charging. To prevent overheating or your MOD, you should invest in high-quality batteries. Opt for Lithium-Ion batteries. The integrity of these batteries will go a long way in preventing overheating. They also sense when it's too hot and turn off.

One of the greatest advantages of vaping is that it allows you to experiment. As such, you can continually heighten your vaping experience. Meaning, that it only gets better with time. However, safety must be taken into consideration, even as we experiment. Especially, if you are new to the world of modding, you must be extremely cautious to avoid injuring yourself and ruining your MOD.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Keep Your Coils Last Longer with These 3 Methods

Coils play a vital role in enhancing your vaping experience. Once ramped up, the coils heat your e-liquid to produce vapor and flavor. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your e-juice, your coils must be in proper shape. In a good amount of cases, you should change the coils every week or two. However, this is entirely up to you and how you take care of your coils.

You can lengthen the life of your them through the following 3 methods: 

Priming Coils
Priming your coils is a clear-cut method of increasing the lifespan of them. Imagine that when you get that burnt hit from your old coils, your instinct is to change them and continue with your vaping session. The lack of patience is what will ruin your coils. If they are used before they are ready or expanded rapidly, they will give in too quickly. To avoid this, once you have screwed your new coils and put your wick in, ensure that you saturate the wicking material with your e-juice. Give the wicking material time to saturate and prime the coil before you can fill up your tank and begin vaping. Then, once you begin vaping, ensure that you take a few short hits, for at least the first few minutes. This will help the coil expand gradually and be ready for use. From there, you can vape as normal.

Go Slow on the VG
If you are into cloud chasing, a high VG ratio is a must-have. The high Vegetable Glycerine content is great on cloud chasing, but will not spare your coils. Vegetable Glycerine tends to be thicker than its counterpart, Propylene Glycol. As such, the coils will need to heat more to effectively vaporize the VG. Heating up your coils too much will cause them to thin out too quickly and give a burnt taste. Therefore, if the goal is to reduce the number of times you replace your coils, you have to choose an e-liquid that has lower VG concentration.

Don’t Take Dry Hits
Dry hits will blow your coils out before their due time. Avoid waiting until your tank is completely dry until you can refill with a new flavor. If you want to try a new flavor, simple pour out the old flavor, clean and dry the tank and coils, then add the new flavor. Also, don’t wait for your wick to dry out before changing it.

As you can see, lengthening the life of your coils requires that you take care of them. From the time you screw them to your atomizer through to the time you get rid of them. This will save you money in the replacement of coils. Also, you will enjoy an overall, flavorful vaping experience.