Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Finding the best electronic cigarette is only half of your journey to becoming a successful vaper. You will also need some high quality e-liquid (also called e-juice) to put in it. While most e-cigarette users will first use the bottle of basic liquid that came with their device, it is crucial to understand that there is a big difference between that basic e-liquid and highest quality American made e-liquid, and that the biggest difference is NOT the price, it is the taste and the overall satisfaction you get from using your electronic cigarette. Your e-juice flavor and vapor is 80% of your electronic cigarette experience. The more you enjoy the flavor, the more apt you are not to smoke cigarettes. E-juice is the most important part of vaping and can also be the most frustrating. Relax, your are in the right place. Buying the cheapest liquid for your e-cig is like buying the cheapest brand of cigarettes. Chances are you have tried smoking the cheapest pack of smokes at one time or another, but chose to buy the slightly more expensive name-brand because it had better flavor and taste….right? The same is true with the liquids you fill your e-cig with, the cheap ones taste cheap. Spend a $1 more and get some real flavor and satisfaction from your electronic cigarette. Why Buy American E-Liquid?We all know that the most all the electronics we buy are made in China and other foreign countries. Heck. even most of the electronic cigarettes we use are not made in the USA. Unfortunately, it comes down to simple economics. It is cheaper to make some products in China and ship them across the ocean than it is to make the same products here. However, when it comes to e-juice, you will be surprised to learn that even the best American made e-liquids are only a fraction more expensive than their imported counterparts.American made e-juice is also more popular than foreign e-juice because US vendors have more accountability and disclosure than the foreign e-liquid vendors are subject to. American vendors are out in the open and with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and e-cigarette forums & blogs, they are extremely exposed to opinions and reviews from their critical and somewhat obsessed customer. They can’t afford to produce poor quality juices, they simply have to be the best and making quality e-juices. This social exposure eventually weeds-out the low quality vendors, leaving the best to vendors to thrive. And thrive these vendors do! These vendors below are the best-of-the-best in this industry.

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