Monday, June 1, 2015

New Eliquid Flavor! Zulu's Tide

Crystal Canyon Vapes has released a new eliquid flavor! Zulu's Tide: Pineapple, Orange & Strawberry!

Zulu's Tide

Pineapple, Orange & Strawberry
Zulu's Tide is a sweet Pineapple juice complimented by tangy Orange and Strawberry! When these well balanced flavors come together you have a sweet and tangy tropical fruit juice unlike any other eliquid flavor!

Pineapple takes center stage and we've blended it with just the right amount of a tangy Orange. We have also added just a small amount of fresh, ripe Strawberry that adds to the addictive aftertaste!

On the inhale you get a mixture of sweet Pineapple and tangy citrus while on the exhale you get a mild Strawberry and much sweeter Pineapple flavor! Its rumored by the locals there is a sweet creamy undertone when Zulu's Tide rolls in!

Flavor profile: Pineapple, Orange, Citrus, Strawberry, Sweet, Slightly Tangy