Friday, June 30, 2017

Can Too Cool of a Storage Place Damage The E-Liquid's Flavor or Contents?

While it's widely known that e-liquid comes in a multitude of flavors and thus plenty of ingredient variations to choose from, those who partake in the past time may not be 100% informed on the proper ways of maintaining their liquids as far as temperature control goes. There are questions surrounding what the proper temperatures to store an e-liquid might be and there is always going to be speculation that differs should you choose to get your information from a forum. While you can find some experts on the subject from such a source, this guide is meant to break down the details behind the proper care and maintenance of e-liquid for storing in cold and hot temperatures.

Heat Plus E-Liquid Equals Degradation
While you may be so concerned over whether or not to store your e-liquid in a fridge or freezer or perhaps another cold area, such as your car during the winter months, you may need to be more concerned with the heat when it comes to preserving the quality of your e-liquid. No matter what your liquid is made from, the heat and direct sunlight are the main causes behind aging anything to do with your liquid. This will also affect the overall flavor, so be sure not to forget your liquid in your car for too long in the summer.

Is Perspiration an Issue?
If you're worried that water might be added to your e-liquid if it's exposed to the cold for too long, that shouldn't be too much of a worry. Unless you are exposing your juice to a warm environment and then a cold one repeatedly, there is no possibility of water being created in your e-liquid container. This is especially true if you are storing your e-liquid in the fridge unopened or if it is in a tightly sealed container. Should you clean out a container and move the e-liquid from its original packaging to a new container, make sure it is thoroughly dried out before making that switch. Otherwise, you will be more likely to introduce water to the e-liquid.

Can Leaving E-Liquid in a Cold Environment Degrade the Nicotine?
There's a chance that you will be preserving the nicotine better by having it in a cold environment, such as a fridge, rather than storing it at room temperature. Since e-liquid is more finicky when it comes to hot environments and light exposure, leaving it in a cold and dark environment would be more ideal. This is the case if you live in a home or apartment that has poor cold airflow, such as during the hot summer months.

You are more likely to degrade the quality of your nicotine and age the ingredients in your nicotine much faster if you have it sitting on your windowsill or on a counter that receives a lot of direct sunlight, than if you were to leave it in your fridge for a few weeks. Plenty of DIYers will leave their nicotine in their freezer long-term. This can minimize the breakdown of your e-liquid's ingredients and will lessen oxidation over time.

Proper Use After Freezing or Cooling
Once you take your nicotine out of the fridge or freezer, allow it time to warm up before using it. This is more a choice of personal quality, since while it is cold, the liquid will be less viscous so it will not wick as well while cold.