Monday, April 10, 2017

A Brief Overview of Variable and Standard Voltages

For those new or in the beginning stages of vaping, you might be asking yourself, “what’s the difference between variable and standard voltages?” The direct, real short answer: It is all in the vape! For instance, were you a heavy or frequent smoker? How much vape can you handle? Let those questions help guide you in your decision-making process when it comes to choosing the right vaping device.

Are you looking to control or want to adjust the amount of vapor you create, then the variable voltage is an option to consider. With that said, you need to know about the types of voltages, because if you adjust your device too high for instance, it will become too strong and can give your e-liquid burnt taste. To avoid this, the coil, when encountering this voltage, must stay wet and clean at all times, no exceptions. If you don't have a real idea for what you are doing, it may taste like burnt liquid. Variable voltages use a 6-volt battery. A variable voltage has 6 volts and with an average of 3-ohms, it can create 12 watts of vaping power. The best part is you can control it, and it is compatible with any cartomizer that has identical threading. Those that need more vapor, flavor, or a stronger throat hit, especially if you were once again former heavy smokers, you may prefer variable voltages. Most MODs out there today are the go-to-devices when it comes to these features.

Standard voltages have a quick recharge, are less expensive, and are simplistic to understand. With a standard voltage device, you produce less vapor. Most devices use 3.7 volt batteries and 2.5-ohm cartomizers, producing a little under 5.5 watts of vaping power. Again, standard voltages are simple to use, but the downside is you are unable to adjust the levels. For those new to the vaping world or prefer less vapor, then going standard may be the best option for you. The vaping devices, such as your basic e-cigarettes, areless expensive and easy to use. They make for awesome starter kits, and, youcan always upgrade if you do feel that it is not strong enough for your taste.

Your choice really depends on the amount of vapor you want to produce! Want more, go for variable voltage devices such as using most types of MODs. If want less, stick with the standard voltages such as using e-cigarettes. In the end, it’s all about your vaping preferences. For either option, check out our vaping hardware today.